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4 Old-School Marketing Techniques that Still Do Wonders for Businesses

4 Old-School Marketing Techniques that Still Do Wonders for Businesses

Since digital marketing skyrocketed to fame, a lot of businesses have scrambled to be part of it, dropping their old marketing strategies for new ones that promised them huge returns. But the truth is, online marketing isn’t as effective as everyone expects it to be. In fact, the average display conversion rate for pay-per-click advertising is just at 1% this year and Facebook organic reach is at a mere 2%. Email marketing is effective but only if your email doesn’t get lost in the middle of 121 emails that prospects get daily.

So, what is there left to try? The answer is simple: go old school. These four marketing strategies may require more than just turning on a switch, but they can still do wonders for your business:


Signs have existed since the early days and they’re still being used by a lot of businesses today because they’re effective. Signage is straightforward and it tells people exactly where you are, whether they need you or not. It could be a simple photo of one of your products or a flashy sign promoting your newly opened business. Whenever you want visibility, a good sign can do the job for you at half the cost.

Aside from branding, signs can help direct people to your business and make them aware of any marketing activities you have. It also promotes your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week without you spending so much time and effort on it. All you have to do is find a company that can create good signs for you and you can guarantee for them to last for many years.

Trade Shows 

Attending trade shows has always been a classic way to promote a business and connect with people who are interested in what you offer. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your merchandise and sell them to potential clients. While a lot of marketers think that attending trade shows and other events is a waste of time and money, they can still generate huge returns if done right. In fact, a company reportedly increased its ROI by 300% just by combining direct mail, events and telemarketing in its campaign.

To ensure that you get the attention that you need when attending trade shows, you have to really prepare for it. Good thing, there are companies like to take care of your display—from booth design to take down and storage. Finding a good partner and supplier will not only cut down the stress when attending trade shows, they will also help you generate leads that could potentially turn into ROIs.

Direct Mail

In an article by the Washington Post, the average person spends 4.1 hours on their email account every day, adding up to more than 20 hours per week. That’s quite reasonable since the average American worker gets 120 business emails daily, which explains why most of them don’t bother or simply don’t have the time to check on promotional emails. It’s just too much work.

With the amount of saturation that’s going on in email marketing, smart marketers work the other way around by using direct mail again. The amount of direct mails sent has declined heavily because people rely more on the more convenient email—and that’s where the magic happens. People are too tired of reading generic emails and would want something more personal, which a direct mail is. Studies show that the average direct mail response rate is at 5.3% compared to only 0.6% for email and pay-per-click marketing. And direct mail surprisingly brings 15-17% ROI, which gets higher if you put more effort into your mails.

Promotional Items 

Let’s face it; everyone loves a freebie. Promotional items never go out of style because of how people respond so well to them. It could be something as simple as a free tote bag with your customer’s purchase or a free item upon reaching a certain amount. Promotional items that carry your brand is still one of the best ways to make yourself visible and it also creates retention among customers so they always remember to come back to you.

So, which of these old school marketing techniques would you like to try first?

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