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4 Proven Tips to Reduce Translation Costs

4 Proven Tips to Reduce Translation Costs

Your vision to globalize your business is all set to fly, but one thing that bothers you is the translation cost. Translation services don’t come cheap. Yes, you may find online translators, but their quality is nowhere close to what the experienced translators offer. Investing in translation and localization will be worthwhile, but if you are not ready to spend so much, it is best to follow a few cost-effective tips that will reduce translation costs:

1.    Reducing word count

One of the factors that trigger high translation costs are the number of words in your video content, website pages, document, and software strings. The higher the number of words, the more the translator will charge. So, editing the content should be your first solution. Apart from reducing word count, you should be strategic towards what you want to translate. This offers the added benefit that a French translator would be better able to translate your content if it’s precise. 

2.    Stick to the same translation unless it is necessary to change something

Suppose you are approaching the French market, and you need translation and localization services from an experienced translator. You spend a considerable amount of money to translate your website pages. After you get the final copy of the translation, don’t add or edit anything out of your document. Stick to the final copy until there is a change in the price, or one of the products or services are obsolete. From product description to detailed information of the company, make sure you prepare a content that doesn’t require frequent editing.

3.    Choose an experienced translator

This may seem to be expensive initially, but it is a money-saver in the long-run. Hiring an experienced translator is always better because they are comparatively cheaper than translation agencies. Depending on your requirement, you can employ the translator from time to time. Again, translating the web pages and sticking to it might eliminate the need to hire a translator frequently.

4.    Try creating translation-friendly content

Honestly, what you write in your mother tongue may not come out accurately in a different language. There are small translation barriers that every entrepreneur has to deal with. But, thanks to translators, those barriers can still be overlooked. However, it requires your contribution too. 

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on translation services, you should start creating translation-friendly content. Think of the easiest words to describe the product or service you want to sell. Also, don’t use complicated words or long sentences in your content. This only increases wordiness, and that will eventually take a toll on the overall translation cost. A concise content will cost less than one with fluffy words.

Translation services are essential if you want to globalize your business, but with its rising costs, you may think twice before opting for the service. A word of advice – don’t think twice about translation services. Opt for it, but follow the tips above for a cost-effective plan.


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