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4 puppy training tips that pet owners should implement early

4 puppy training tips that pet owners should implement early

Bringing a puppy home is one of the most joyous and proud moments for pet owners because puppies are a lot of fun and, with proper training, quickly qualify to become one of the family members. The first thing that pet owners aim for is to make the puppy feel comfortable in the new environment by earning its trust as the most caring pet owner so that there is an instant bonding with the pet. As the pet recognizes the guardianship of the pet owner, it is time for training the puppy that helps it adapt to the household by learning house manners, socialization, and gaining confidence.       

This article will discuss some of the things that the puppy learns during the training, and you can see more about Georgia Pine K9 LLC by logging on to the respective website. 

  1. Socializing

Puppy training includes socializing that helps the puppy familiarize themselves with the new environment, new people, and new situations to learn how to interact with different humans while staying decent. With proper training, puppies find it easy to adjust to various situations and gradually grow into well-adjusted dogs.  Excessive barking, fear, and aggression are signs that the dog lacks socializing skills. To avoid it, you must train the puppy to adjust to various situations by exposing it to various animals, humans, sights and sounds, and places so that it becomes used to and does not behave weirdly when grown up.

  • Housetraining

To avoid the embarrassment of seeing the puppy litter or pee anywhere it likes, it is important to train it early, starting from 14 weeks. It will ensure that the puppy begins its stint in the house on a positive note by learning good manners while following a timely feeding schedule and taking it out for relieving itself after it wakes up from a nap or has some food or drinks.  Reward the puppy for good behavior with treats, praise, and playtime because it follows the directions and makes it a habit will encourage the animal to follow the house rules to the T.

  • Crate training

Keep the puppy calm and confined when you are unable to supervise him should be the goal and to achieve. You must train the puppy to stay comfortable in the crate when left alone. The training allows the puppy to treat the crate as a safe haven that becomes a favorite spot to spend time in complete comfort.  Familiarity with the crate will force the puppy to develop the habit of going outdoors to relieve itself instead of littering the home.

  • Confinement

Allowing the puppy to run across the home at all times is never a good thing because it can be destructive and chew up many things or even hurt itself while trying to negotiate some furniture or trying to hide under it. Training the puppy to stay bolted in a small room for some time will make it pick up the good habit of staying confined and accept it as part of its lifestyle.

 Puppies must also undergo training to prevent destructive chewing and bite inhibition that turns them into well-behaved dogs.

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