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4 Reasons to Go Away for the Holidays

4 Reasons to Go Away for the Holidays

Annual religious celebrations or national holidays are always a great excuse to get together with family and friends. Many people spend weeks preparing for such occasions, selecting decorations, finding local events, buying gifts, and crafting menus to serve guests for celebratory feasts. While these festivities are a wonderful experience for many, with all the preparation that goes into them, sometimes, they can become more stressful for those who are hosting. This is why some people choose to get away for the holidays, and here are 4 reasons why you might want to consider doing this, too. 

It’s Easier

Although organizing a vacation can be a challenge in itself, when you take out the amount of time it takes to cook, clean the house, decorate, etc., to make your home presentable for guests, booking a trip is much easier. You can either spend the holidays somewhere with just your immediate family or invite aunts, uncles, and even friends along, too. One of the benefits of staying at a resort over the holiday seasons is that many of them offer to prepare meals and events that cater to those specific celebrations. For example, this resort in Florida has curated a special Passover Orlando package, offering guests a range of catered services over this holiday period. 

Quality Family Time

The holidays are a good excuse to spend quality time with the family, but sometimes it can be hard to get the kids to join in, especially once they become teenagers. A trip away to a rented holiday home or resort can help families come closer togetherby removing the usual distractions that are at home. Parents can leave work behind and aren’t having to worry so much about household chores and other parts of everyday life, and the kids are away from their computers and the TV. Instead, you can take part in fun activities organized by the resort, or go on hikes if you have chosen a mountainside retreat. 

Combine Vacation with Celebration

Everyone needs a break, which is why making time for vacations is important. Sometimes though, you may not have enough allocated vacation days to take off for either a summer vacation or a national/religious holiday. This is why sometimes it can be a good idea to combine the two, and take some extra days around these special holidays and turn it into your main vacation of the year. 

Starting New Traditions

Every family has its own traditions, and many of them do revolve around these holiday periods. For example, you might always decorate the Christmas tree together and then watch your favorite festive movie afterward. These personal traditions are always cherished for generations, and a holiday vacation could become a new tradition in your family. It could also be a great way to make sure you’re seeing other family members who might live further afield at least once a year for a good catch up and celebrations. 

Whether they’re religious holidays or not, these events throughout the year bring joy to many people. To make your celebrations extra special and reduce the stress of hosting, think about going away next time to try something new. 


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