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4 Reasons You Need to Have a Dentist

4 Reasons You Need to Have a Dentist

Many people wait until they are in pain to think about establishing a relationship with a dentist. In fact, it’s just as important to have a dentist as it is to have a primary care physician. If you need convincing, consider these four reasons to find a dentist now and see the professional regularly. In the long run, you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Annual Checkups

You wouldn’t dream of skipping an annual physical examination, so why would you not want an annual dental checkup? Seeing your dentist for this yearly event is one of the best ways to maintain your dental health. If the checkup reveals a problem with one of the teeth or possibly signs of a gum infection, action can be taken immediately. By choosing to deal with the situation when it’s in the early stages, you avoid quite a bit of pain and could also prevent the need for more comprehensive and costly procedures later on.

Teeth Cleanings

Next to annual checkups, having your teeth cleaned at least once a year is important to your dental health. Many North York dentists recommend that you arranging for two cleanings a year. That’s especially true if you are less than diligent when it comes to brushing and flossing regularly.

The cleanings remove residue that remains after brushing and flossing. Getting rid of any plaque or other buildup on or between your teeth reduces the risk of gum disease or damage to the teeth. View this as a common sense way to minimize the potential for serious dental issues later on. As a bonus, you’ll love the fresh sensation that lingers for hours after you have your teeth cleaned.

Teeth Whitening

At some point in your life, you will need to have your teeth whitened. That’s because many of the things people eat and drink can cause staining over time. People who use any type of tobacco products will experience stains that significantly yellow the teeth. Fortunately, professional whitening treatments administered under the care of a dentist will undo the damage and ensure the teeth once again have a natural white hue.

Emergency Dental Care

Have you ever found yourself in need of emergency dental care after an accident and had no idea of where to turn? If you have a dentist, there will be no question about who to call. Many dentists have the training to deal with minor emergencies that involve repairs to cracked teeth and similar issues. If the damage requires the efforts of a specialist, your dentist likely has contacts with several cosmetic dentist who can see you as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is that you need a dentist. If you don’t have one, now is the time to call and arrange for a first appointment. Start off with a full checkup and then plan accordingly. The time you invest now will pay off in a big way as the years pass.


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