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4 Science-Backed Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Workout

4 Science-Backed Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Workout

Fitness is a trend these days, and even experts have made the pronouncement that people are exercising more than ever. There is a definite increase in people who have adopted a healthy lifestyle. 

Perhaps, social media influencers who flaunt their toned bodies for all to covet are to be held responsible, or probably public health advocates are simply successful at doing their job. Nevertheless, the types and varieties of workouts that people can engage in have seen an upsurge in recent years. You see people on the move everywhere, and they share their workout routine on Instagram and various other social media platforms.  

If you are already doing a regular workout or planning on engaging in one, ensure that you’re making the most of it. If you plan on toning your muscles or losing fat and calories, aim to get optimum results with each time spent on exercise. If this sounds like your goal, some advice from science can help you get the most results.

Load Up on Breakfast

A car can’t run without gasoline, and the same goes for your body. Carbohydrates are important, especially if you’re going for a high-intensity workout in the morning. Loading up on carbohydrates an hour before an exercise is crucial. 

Carbohydrates are the fuel that you need to go the distance. There are countless studies that show that loading up on carbohydrate-rich foods can improve people’s performance in their workout and allows them to fulfill higher intensity workouts. People who have eaten their breakfast can also go the extra mile and exercise for a longer time. Not eating right before a workout can cause you to become sluggish, lightheaded, or worse, you may even pass out.

If you plan a workout within an hour after breakfast, eat something light but substantial such as a smoothie, but you have to focus on carbohydrates to get the most energy. Ideal breakfast items would be banana, yogurt, pancake, juice bread, and low-fat milk.

Drinking a cup of coffee is fine before a workout if you regularly drink it, but foods that you will be trying for the first time may cause you an upset stomach and hinder your exercise.

Planning Your Meals for a Workout

When you have a workout scheduled for the day, it is essential to plan your meals. If you’re planning on having a heavy meal, you have to eat this at least three to four hours before the workout. If you opt for a smaller portion, you can eat one to three hours before exercising. The amount of food you eat can affect how you will perform in your workout. Overeating can cause you postprandial sluggishness while eating too little will not give you enough strength to do your exercise routine.

After a grueling workout, your body expends calories, and your muscles take a beating. The after-workout meal helps the body heal and recover. You need to replenish the glycogen that’s stored in the muscle. Glycogen provides energy and is a glucose source for tissues in the body.  Hence, it is essential to include both protein and carbohydrates in your meal. You can also have natural protein alternatives if you are following a vegan diet. Food must be consumed within two hours after the workout.

A peanut butter sandwich, turkey with bread and vegetables, and low-fat chocolate milk with pretzels are excellent choices for a post-workout meal.

The Truth About Stretching

People who exercise swear that stretching improves their performance before a workout. However, studies suggest that it is better to have a proper warm-up right before a workout. 

Regular stretching can improve speed, but it hardly improves a person’s endurance, a factor which matters when you want to go the distance and burn all those calories.

Build Endurance Through Resistance Training

If you want to build up your body for endurance, it is essential to add resistance training in your workout. Thousands of studies surveyed give evidence that strength training builds endurance. Go for a moderate to heavy resistance two times per week, targeting the upper body and lower body muscles for best results.

People can choose the kind of workout they want based on their personality and needs. They can either opt for meditative yoga or pilates or choose to have an adventurous trek up the mountains. 

To reach fitness goals, you have to exercise smart. Loading up on the right amount of food can give you the fuel you need for all those heavy liftings and running. However, choosing the right activities in your next workout ensures you will be building your body for endurance and speed.


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