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4 Signs That You Need to Dump Your Old Yoga Software

4 Signs That You Need to Dump Your Old Yoga Software

There is no doubt that software makes operating your studio easier. At present, you are using the same software that you purchased when the business started five years ago. Even though you are managing, it’s time to think about investing in something new. If any of these four signs apply to your business operation, the time to start looking at new software is now.

Not Enough Features

The present software does help simplify some tasks, but others still must be managed manually. It would be nice if there was an add-on that would help you with those manual tasks, but there isn’t one currently offered. What you may not realize is that there are software packages out there designed to provide support with just about every aspect of your fitness business. Instead of continuing to manage things the old fashioned way, new software would be more efficient and free up additional time to spend with your clients.

Add-Ons Don’t Always Work

Perhaps there are a few add-ons that could help with more of the tasks associated with running your studio. The only problem is that your past experience with add-ons has not been the best. Some of them made things harder rather than easier. You also installed some that simply did not work at all. That led to hours of frustration before you finally gave up and dumped those add-ons.

Looking for new software allows you to find a product that offers two important advantages over your current platform. First, the newer software will have more of what you need built into the basic product. You also have the chance to choose software with more reliable add-ons. By checking into the alternatives for mindbody software, you are sure to find something that is a better fit for your business model.

Customer Service Leaves Something to Be Desired

What sort of customer service and support comes with your present software? How do you feel about the support you receive? When it takes a long time to get an answer to a question and the response is less than satisfactory, what goes through your mind? Should you need quick help because something malfunctioned, is there any sense of urgency on the part of the support team? If your answer to these questions is no, that’s a sure sign it’s time to invest in a new platform.

Client Access is Limited and Somewhat Difficult

Your studio software is not just for the benefit of you and your employees. Some of the features are intended to make it easier for clients to check in, request private sessions, and register for upcoming classes. If your present software makes it difficult for them to even read some of the yoga related articles that you want to share with them, something needs to change. A platform that provides direct access to register, cancel, and check account information is a must. Something that makes it easy to receive notifications from you would also be great.

Don’t let older studio software limit the opportunities for your business. Start looking around today and compare the features found in different products. You may find that taking advantage of a free trial period will confirm that you need new software.


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