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4 Super Easy and Helpful Ways to Get Rid of Lice for Good

4 Super Easy and Helpful Ways to Get Rid of Lice for Good

Lice can make your life a living hell. Once you get them, getting rid of them can be very difficult. You have to be ready to put in a lot of effort. You need to work towards getting rid of them and preventing re-infestation. Otherwise, you will have done nothing. If you are not careful, you can get another lice attack several days or weeks after you are healed. Some ways in which you can ensure that you get rid of them completely include:

  1. Choose correct pediculicide

A pediculicide is a chemical used to kill lice. It is important that all your lice treatments have this chemical. Whether it is soap, shampoo or an ointment, they need to have the chemical so as to be effective in their treatment. Depending on how bad the infestation is, the doctor can recommend treatment of various strengths. It is also dependent on the type of lice you have. Whatever the case may be, you need to follow the instructions given to the letter. It is also advisable not to mix the lice treatment with any other.

  1. Comb out

Whether it is head lice or pubic lice, you need to invest in a nit comb. This is to be used to comb out the lice. It helps to increase the speed of treatment. You need to use this method with a pediculicide as well for it to be more effective. These combs are especially used to remove the eggs and lice form the hair. Normal combs might not do it effectively as lice are so small. The best way to do it is by dividing the hair into sections and combing out from the roots to the ends. Clean the comb with hot water to sanitize it.

  1. Clothing

You need to get rid of clothes that are heavily infested with lice. This is especially if you have body lice. Don’t try to be a hero and save your clothing. You might regret it later. Make sure that you wash all your clothes separately. After the initial washing, be sure to sterilize them with really hot water. This will kill the lice. You should also take care of your beddings in the same way. Try your best not to spread the lice to others. You can do this by avoiding sharing clothes.

  1. Pets

You cannot get lice from your pet if he or she is infected. You also cannot infect your pet with lice if you have some. However, the same way in which they make you uncomfortable is the same way they irritate your pet. They may lose their joy and become dull. If you suspect that your dog has lice, take them to the vet. The most common sign is the constant itching and licking of their fur. Use the treatment given by the vet as per the instructions given. Remember to sanitize everything with hot water, including beddings and grooming tools.


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