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4 Tips for Choosing a Family Dog

4 Tips for Choosing a Family Dog

Bringing a pet into the family is a big decision. If you decide to get a dog, then you need to choose one that will fit in with your family’s lifestyle. These four tips can help you choose the best pet to fulfill your family’s expectations and dreams.

Big or Small

There will be many decisions that will need to be made before adopting a dog into the family. First, decide if a big dog will fit in with the family better than a small dog. If you have young children, many smaller dogs will be able to keep up with their energy levels.

For older kids, a larger dog may be a better choice because they can withstand gentle roughhousing better than a small dog. No matter its size, choose a dog that doesn’t seem nervous with a gentle, easy-going attitude to be your family’s pet.

Pick According to Home Type

It’s important to select a dog that will feel comfortable in your home and be welcomed into the neighborhood. If you have a house with a yard, then a larger breed dog may fit in well, depending on the yard’s size.

A dog with lots of energy will need space to exercise, so a larger yard is better for them. However, if there are dog parks nearby, then a smaller yard could be large enough for their needs.

For condo or apartment dwellers, a smaller dog will fit in your home better. However, if the walls are thin, choose a breed that isn’t vocal so that you can prevent noise complaints.

Consider Budget

Before looking up dog breeds and finding one that your family loves, evaluate your budget to find out how much you can afford to spend on a dog. It isn’t just the initial costs to consider, but their upkeep as well.

Larger dogs are usually more expensive because they eat more food, their health care expenses can be higher, and some apartments may not accept them. Purebreds can also be more expensive due to their care expenses.

Contact an experienced breeder because they have experience helping families in Florida find puppies. After talking about your expectations and living situation, they can guide you to a good family dog.

Match Family’s Temperament

The best dog for your family will be one that matches the family’s temperament, whether they are a mixed or purebred dog. If your family is outgoing and likes being outdoors all the time, then a dog who is energetic and friendly will be the best choice.

For families with children who are more reserved and find indoor activities more satisfying than outdoor ones, choose a dog who doesn’t mind being indoors. Getting a dog that matches temperaments will fit in with your family better than dogs with opposite attitudes.

As a starting point, look online for quizzes that can help you select a dog breed that will fit your family. Also, research breeds to find out their traits, health histories, and intelligence to decide which one appeals to you and your loved ones.



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