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4 Tips to Design Great Custom Flags

4 Tips to Design Great Custom Flags

The most important thing for every entrepreneur is the promotion and advertisement of their company’s image and voice. However, many business owners think that digital marketing methods will provide them extraordinary benefits. Although this is true for some cases, digital marketing is very expensive. Additionally, they expire if you stop paying the fees. 

On the other hand, custom flags are of the greatest forms of traditional marketing methods. Not only do they attract people but also help your business to stand apart from your competitors. 

Some business owners successfully design their custom flags, whereas others end up making some common mistakes. Remember that the appearance of a custom flag will determine the professionalism of your business. Hence, one small mistake can damage reputation. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips that will help you to design attractive custom flags for your business. 

 Choose the Perfect Size

The size of your custom flags has to be relevant to the size of your event. Many people often order large flags for their small events or promotion hoping that those flags can promote their business. But, an irrelevant size will look odd and people will avoid interacting with your brand. 

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a large event and you use small custom flags, they will get lost in the crowd and people won’t be able to notice them. Hence, make sure to pick a size that is relevant to the event and visible from a distance. Additionally, don’t forget about the placement of your flags as obstacles can reduce visibility. 

Use Relevant Text

Text is one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind while designing your custom flags. While adding your text, you need to make sure they are in a perfect position. Many business owners add text in the center of their custom flag. This makes the flag clumsy. 

You might want to include most of the information in your flag, but remember that this will only confuse the audience. Hence, add only the necessary information that is visible from a distance. Apart from that, don’t fill the flags. Leave some negative spaces so that will convert the attention to other texts. 

Fonts Must be Visible

The fonts are the most important factors for your custom flag designing process. Remember that your main goal is to attract people so that they can read the message on your flag. No matter how attractive the design you create, if the fonts aren’t readable, you’ll fail to gain their appreciation. 

Make sure to use classic fonts. Although it’s not bad to use modern fonts, classic fonts have good readability reviews. Additionally, don’t combine different fonts in your flag as it will make everything messy. 

Color and Background is Important

The color plays an important role to determine the attractiveness of custom flags. As per Very Well Mind, certain aggressive colors can cause eyestrain. This will not only damage your flag’s appearance but also the image of your brand. Always pick colors that are relevant to the ambiance of the event. 

The background is also as important as the colors. You need to use neutral backgrounds for your custom flags. This way the colors, fonts, and texts will become more visible. 

These are the top 4 tips you need to remember while designing custom flags to market your business. Remember that simplicity is the key. So, don’t over-complicate the design. Designing a great custom flag is a time-consuming process. Hence, you should choose everything patiently. If you feel that you’re making mistake, consult with a professional flag designer.  


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