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4 Ways to Harness Social Media to Drive New Customers to Your Business

4 Ways to Harness Social Media to Drive New Customers to Your Business

How many times have you heard or read about an individual or business striving for a piece of their marketing to go viral? Maybe you are one of those hoping for millions of views on a social media post so that your potential customer base soars in numbers. There is no denying, then, the power that social media holds for your business, especially when it is used correctly. So, what can you do, outside of hoping to go viral, to harness social media to drive new customers to your business? 

Utilize Social Ads and Intent SEO 

In recent years, advertisements on social media have become a go-to marketing strategy for many companies, and with good reason. Social media allows you to break the barriers that once stood between your brand and potential customers, whether that be financial or geographical. Utilizing social ads that target the correct audience can be the difference between your company surviving and thriving, which is why it is important to also understand intent SEO when considering this strategy to ensure you maximize how high your revenue could go. 

Intent SEO is recognizing the typical words that a customer will use on a search engine and the intention behind the words they are using (e.g., including the word ‘buy’ when they are seeking to purchase something or the words “what is” when they are looking for information on a topic). By including these words on your social media pages or website, you will increase the visibility of your brand to these individuals. For example, we recommend utilizing intent SEO to bring customers to your social media pages, where you could offer them a free consultation on the topic they have searched for, thereby earning the customer’s trust of your brand and allowing you to open the door for potential sales in the future. Now, how high could your revenue go with this strategy? The sky is the limit. 

Solidify and Showcase Your Brand

One of the greatest benefits of social media is that it provides a free, customizable platform to showcase your brand. Potential customers across the world can discover your company just by clicking on your Facebook or Twitter page, allowing you to communicate exactly who you are and what you are about before even having to interact with them on a personal level. It is important, therefore, to ensure you are showcasing your brand to its highest potential. Are you a laid-back company who enjoys engaging in jokes with customers and competitors? Perhaps you prefer to be the go-to business for information about the latest trends in your field? Whatever the case may be, ensuring you are keeping a consistent brand across your social media is key, as it will allow your customers to get to know you before they consider purchasing your products. 

Engage with Other Companies in Your Respective Field

Social media is not only a great place for potential customers to connect with your business, but also for your brand to engage with and connect with others in your field, whether they be potential partners or competitors. Twitter, for example, regularly hosts conversations and debates between the most knowledgeable experts across the world and being a part of these will establish you as a company who is up to date on the latest trends in your industry to your customers. Not only that, but it also provides you with an opportunity for continuous learning, with the ability to directly question and engage with those who have already acquired the knowledge that you may be looking for on a relevant topic. By regularly and publicly engaging in these conversations, you will ensure that your brand stays at the forefront of your industry. We recommend actively monitoring relevant hashtags across social media and responding to those who pose a question or start a conversation when using them.

Engage with Current and Potential Customers 

One of the most popular uses of social media for companies across the world is to engage with their customer base and appeal to potential new ones. However, what many brands may not realize is that this engagement must extend past simply updating them on your latest products. It can be beneficial, for example, to allow your customers to see past the brand and recognize that there is a real person behind the screen, thereby creating a personable and intimate experience for them that may entice them to return to your products. Equally, it is important for you to recognize that the customer is also a real person, rather than simply a potential sale. 


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