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4 Ways to Migrate to Germany

4 Ways to Migrate to Germany

If you are thinking to migrate to another country, Germany could be a good option. The percentage of immigrants in Germany is 12% as per the stats of 2017 and the country has been promoting itself as an “Immigration Country” so that it can address its low birth rate. Though people are migrating to Germany for so long, the country has been making an attempt to encourage skilled and qualified worker since 2005. Also, Germany Investment Immigration program is attracting a lot of business owners from all over the world. 

Germany encompasses a strong economy, well-structured education system, greater employment opportunities and a good lifestyle. It means it has all the main things that you look for while choosing a country to migrate. If you are looking for more reasons to migrate to Germany, here goes the list:

  • Captivating scenic beauty that will give you an experience of a lifetime
  • Better job opportunities
  • Increasing demand for qualified and skilled workers 
  • Good opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors
  • Best schools of the world for superior education
  • Affordable fees 

The way of migrating to Germany depends on the purpose as the process varies according to the purpose. For example, the study visa program will have different requirements and process as compared to the Germany investment immigration program. To help you understand the concept further, here we have mentioned the different ways to migrate to Germany.

  1. Migrating for work

Germany has better work opportunities for IT professionals, medical workers, engineers and some other professions. If you are willing to grab those opportunities, you can apply for the work visa to Germany. However, it is not that you can move to Germany and the start searching for a job. Instead, you can migrate as a skilled worker and for that, you need to find a job first. If there is a vacancy for the job you are interested in, you can apply for the work visa. 

Once you get a visa and reach Germany, you need to apply for a work permit if you are a non-EU citizen. It depends on the type of job you get that whether you need to apply for a general employment work permit, self-employed work permit or specialist professional work permit.

  • Getting a business visa

The process to get a Germany business visa is fairly simple and straightforward provided that you meet the criteria and have the documentation. Germany offers business visa to the individuals who have enough funds, entrepreneurial skills and a proper business plan that will have a beneficial impact on the economy of Germany. Also, you need to have a written confirmation showing that you are fully covered by a bank loan or have your own funds. The minimum investment required for applying a business visa to Germany is EUR 1 million. 

There are two main categories under the business visa:

  • Investor Visa

Germany investment immigration is one of the common ways to enter Germany. If you want to invest in German businesses, you can apply for the investor visa. This kind of visa allows you a temporary residence and you have to invest at least EUR 1 million along with making ten new jobs.                 

  • Entrepreneur Visa

This kind of visa is for the individuals who have the goal of entering and staying in Germany for the sole purpose of setting up their business there. 

  • Applying for a study visa

You can apply for this visa if you want to pursue higher education in Germany. Generally, the visa is issued for a period of 3 months. And if the duration of the course is more than 3 months, you need to apply for the residence permit once you reach Germany. Depending on your goals, you can stay or return after completing your studies. There are basically three categories of study visas in Germany:

  • Language Course Visa

This visa is for the ones who want to attend a German language course having duration between 3 months and 1 year.

  • Student Applicant Visa

This visa is for the individuals who are still finding the right program and have not received a confirmation letter from a German University.

  • Student Visa

This visa is for the students whose application has already been accepted by a German University. 

  • Migrating as a family member

In the majority of the cases, only a single member migrates to Germany. But the country is having the visa laws, under which the spouse and the children (under the age of 16) of a German resident can apply for immigration so that they can live together. The applicants for this visa need to provide the German government with the proof of the marriage as or with the documents showing they are born to the person living in Germany. 

The language proficiency for German is not required for the children under the age of 16 but the children who are above 16 needs to be proficient in German. And the spouses need to have the A1 grade proficiency in German. 

Now, being aware of the available options for visa and their purpose, you will be able to choose the right option as per your eligibility, funds and requirements. Get in touch with a reputed consultancy firm to apply for the Germany investment immigration visa or any other visa as they will ensure to fulfill all the requirements on your behalf and will increase the chances of getting your application accepted.

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