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5 Apps to Make Your Life Easy

5 Apps to Make Your Life Easy

5 Apps to Make Your Life Easy

Today, the world has advanced so much technologically that there is an app to gratify all of your needs – emotional, physical, or even social. With each passing day, developers are coming up with mobile apps that make our life easier. Let’s find out 5 apps of all time that brought a significant change in our lives:

1.    Ola

With almost 24 million monthly active users in India alone, Ola has revolutionized the way we travel. Earlier, you either needed a personal car or choose public transport to reach your workplace or visit your desired location.

With Ola becoming mainstream, you can now simply tap in the location where you desire to go, and within a few minutes, a cab will be at your doorstep. This app can help you in any situation, be it your car breaking down right before you head to your office or during the unavailability of public transport.

You can also select from a vast range of vehicles depending upon the fare they are charging. Not just that, you can add your card to your Ola account, and every time you take a ride, it will charge from the card, saving you the trouble of carrying extra cash.

2.    Swiggy

If there’s one thing that unites every person on this planet is the desire for having delicious food. Until recently, we had to dress up, leave the comfort of our home, and head out to a restaurant if we wanted to have our favourite dish. The process of eating at a restaurant could take up to several hours.

Thanks to Swiggy, the same meals can now be delivered right to our doorstep. With thousands of restaurants partnered up with Swiggy across over 500 cities, it has become very easy to select our favourite restaurant from the app and order the food we want to eat.

Simply log into the app, enter your location and you will be able to see the eateries in your area along with their menus. Next, order a dish and savor in the flavours as soon as it is delivered to you – all at the comfort of your home.

3.    Flipkart

We all love shopping. However, it takes quite a lot of effort and time to get dressed and head out to a shopping centre to purchase something. Purchasing something as essential as groceries also becomes difficult due to busy schedules. Thanks to e-commerce, all of this is changing.

Flipkart has become incredibly popular since its launch as it provides users with the ability to shop for a wide range of products. All the products are delivered right to your doorstep and thus, you don’t have to take time out from your busy schedule to go shopping.

The app has been downloaded by over 1 crore people which proves just how easy it makes for you to purchase almost any product that you require.

4.    PayTm

Carrying cash can be a risky task. You have to keep several denominations with you because you never know if the other person would have the change or not. Moreover, you might run out of it if you are faced with unforeseen expenditures. That is why your phone must have the PayTm app.

You carry your phone everywhere, right? If you have this app, you won’t need to carry your wallet along with your phone. Simply link your Paytm account to your bank account and it will keep you sorted. Whenever you need to pay for anything outside your house, you can simply take your phone out and pay the exact amount.

You can easily transfer money to any friend whenever you want to split a bill at a restaurant. Moreover, you never have to worry about forgetting your wallet at home or leaving it on the seat of your cab.

5.    Autobrix

While we talked about apps that will help you have food and products delivered at your doorstep, lets now talk about an app that helps you get auto service at a convenient location. Yes, you read that right!

You no longer have to wait for a holiday to take your vehicle to the service center. Whenever you notice a problem, you can simply use the Autobrix app and receive professional auto service right at your doorstep. The service people will be highly-trained experts and will offer the service at your convenient timeline. 

Now, what’s the wait worth for? Find your phone and download these apps, if you haven’t already!


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