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5 Avoidable Mistakes When Building a Home Studio on a Tight Budget

5 Avoidable Mistakes When Building a Home Studio on a Tight Budget

There are a lot of people who try and justify spending thousands of dollars to setup a basic home studio. In reality, you can build a pretty decent studio for less than $500. That may sound crazy, but you really don’t need too much to setup a basic studio. We are talking about a type of studio perfect for someone who is just starting off and wants to create tracks that sound professional.

In this post, we are going to reveal 5 completely avoidable mistakes when you are trying to build a studio on a tight budget. We will recommend cutting some corners, but nothing that would hamper the quality of the music produced in any way.

Buying a New Computer

Unlike editing photographs and videos, mixing music does not require a high-end computer with insane hardware specs. Considering you already have a laptop or desktop; you really don’t need to buy a new computer for your studio. An affordable laptop with 4 gigs of RAM is more than good enough to run the mixing and editing software.

Not Reading Enough Music-Related Blog Posts

There are entire websites like Blue Buzz Music that’s dedicated to providing the latest info on all things related to music. They talk about cheap deals and provide honest reviews of speakers, headphones, DAWs, MIDI keyboards, and other products. Use the free resources to find the latest hacks and workarounds to get the best out of your studio.

Not Buying an Audio Interface that Comes with a Free DAW

There are a few audio interfaces that come with free copies of digital audio workstations. While these software packages are usually slightly watered down than their paid versions, they have all the usual features you need to produce professional-quality music.

Spending Too Much on Microphone

Large diaphragm condenser microphones are essential for studios. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars buying an expensive mic. There are plenty of sub-hundred-dollar LDC microphones that are great. They capture every little detail of voice and acoustic instruments to help you produce tracks that sound like they were created in an expensive studio.

Skip Buying Monitor Speakers

Now, this one’s a bit controversial. However, this applies to people who are on a tight budget and this is the corner-cutting tip we were talking about earlier. Reference monitors are great for listening and tweaking your musical creations. That being said, you can skip buying them altogether and listen to your track on a pair of headphones. Headphones are irreplaceable because there are times you want to work on a track without disturbing others in your studio. Also, for a fraction of the cost of buying reference monitors, you can get a comfortable pair of headphones that sounds amazing. As far as music production is concerned, you can easily make do without speakers, especially when you are starting off. Keep in mind, this is a tip for beginners working with a very limited budget.


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