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5 Benefits Of A Clinical Claim Scrubber: Facts You Didn’t Know About Until Now

5 Benefits Of A Clinical Claim Scrubber: Facts You Didn’t Know About Until Now

Technological advancements are seeing positive changes in medical billing and coding. With the help of ClaimStaker – Alpha II, here’s what you should know about the benefits of having a clinical claim scrubbing. 

Benefits Of A Clinical Claim Scrubbing

1. Cleaner And Clearer Claims 

When patients seek for an insurance claim for coverage of a medical expense, so much more work goes into the process than many practices (and patients alike) realize. Here’s the first benefit of medical claim scrubbing— cleaner and clearer claims. 

The information that falls under insurance claims is plentiful, to say the least. And they are not always presented in easy-to-understand, non-jargon terms. This is one of the reasons why patients fail to realize the scope of the actual claim, and simply assume the entirety of their bills will be shouldered. 

Through the aid of “scrubbing”, you can collate terms and conditions within several claims without hassles. Plus, each statement and/or terms will be listed with detailed and clear information. 

2. Fewer To No Claim Denials 

This is something practices want to avoid completely, and with claim scrubbing software, you can. When insurers decide to deny a patient’s claim, whether a part of the said claim or the whole of it, the problem usually falls on the practice itself. 

Patients complain about and through the practice. But with cleaner and clearer claims, as mentioned in number 1, it will be easier to make arrangements with the insurer. This stands as a benefit for you and for your patients. Denials and patient complains are two fewer problems you’ll be able to do without. 

3. Efficiency And Speed 

Another upfront advantage of medical claim scrubbing is that it increases efficiency and speed for processing more than twice the speed of manual data collection and computing. Others claim a 4x-increase in these aspects of claims and billing! 

We understand that medical practices are always on the hustle and bustle of work, from one patient to the next. 

4. Customization 

This may be something distinct to programs such as ClaimStaker Alpha II. And it will prove a helpful add-on which you just might not find elsewhere. Customization. Software customization equates to tailoring its functions to your exact needs for data collecting, billing, organizing, archiving, and more. 

And if there are features you won’t actually require, you can have them taken out or replaced with a function that will be necessary for your operations. 

5. No Human Error

Since everything will be automated, the risk of committing mistakes in calculations, claim information, and the like will be significantly reduced. In most cases, they are reduced to zero per cent. Or close to zero as possible. 

Often, these human errors are what causes claim disapproval. When the wrong information is handed out for insurers to reviews, or that the wrong information is given to patients so that their claims, in turn, have anomalies as well. 

Prevent these challenges at the onset, by relying on a method that can eradicate human error altogether. Say hello to the technological innovation in medical claim scrubbing. 

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