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5 Benefits of Taking Natural, Organic CBD Oil

5 Benefits of Taking Natural, Organic CBD Oil

In recent years CBD (cannabidiol) oil has rapidly gained ground as a beneficial health aid, delivering many of the documented benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering high. This wonder product is made by mixing CBD (taken from hemp plants) with a carrier such as coconut oil, and for the best possible health benefits it’s best to choose an organic product. (This should be quite easy, as hemp grown in organic conditions will be clearly labelled as such.)

Let’s look at just five of the amazing benefits of taking natural, organic CBD oil regularly. If you’d like to read more about CBD Oil, then check out Secret Nature CBD.

Benefit #1 – Pain relief

This is perhaps one of the most well known and sought after benefits of CBD oil. Scientists claim the pain reduction is a result of the effect CBD has on the receptors in the brain which are responsible for triggering pain and inflammation. Many people with chronic, painful conditions such as arthritis rely on CBD oil for pain control with no side effects, rather than strong painkillers which were once their only option.

Benefit #2 – It can relieve the symptoms/frequency of seizures

Seizures, which are triggered by unusual electrical brain activity, can range in intensity from hardly noticeable to seriously life inhibiting; so the chance discovery that CBD oil can reduce the severity of these traumatic incidents is obviously very exciting and welcome.

Benefit #3 – CBD can help combat anxiety

Alongside the benefits CBD oil can have on physiological conditions there are a number of mental health conditions which are proving to be responsive too. One of the best known of these is anxiety, which affects a large number of people in its various guises.  Studies on those living with social anxiety disorders who have tried CBD oil report very positive results; with episodes dramatically reducing following regular consumption of this wonder product. Experts believe that CBD interacts with the brains limbic and paralimbic sections of the brain to achieve this positive result.

Benefit #4 – CBD oil can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, or the symptoms in those already diagnosed

Preliminary research studies on mice at high-risk of developing diabetes indicate that regular consumption of CBD oil vastly reduces this actually happening. However, most of the current research with human beings has been about how CBD oil helps to reduce the side effects those living with diabetes experience. These include reducing levels of diabetes-related foot pain, stabilizing effects on blood sugar, and less risk of eye damage.

Benefit #5 – This oil can help people beat depression

Depression is an all too common issue people face in modern life, and the effects can be extremely devastating on a day to day level. Typical medical treatments involve taking drugs for a long period of time, exposing users to a whole range of side effects, but the increasingly researched benefits of CBD oil as a way to combat depression are paving the way for a new, more natural approach.


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