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5 Best Birthday Ideas for Kids

5 Best Birthday Ideas for Kids

Your little one’s big day is approaching fast, and you’re unsure what to do. Kids’ parties nowadays have become much different from what we were used to – inviting a few friends over for cake and soda seems old-fashioned and boring nowadays. So, in order to do your best and make your kid’s birthday party a truly original and fun event, here are a couple of great ideas to try.

Laser tag/paintball party

These two options are very similar in a way that they both involve strategy, excitement and adrenaline! Be mindful though, paintball is usually an activity that is reserved for the slightly bigger kids, with age restrictions in place ranging from 10 to 16 (depending on your country). If you think the weather may not be suitable for an outdoor party, you can always book a couple of hours in a Laser tag center. All the kids will be very much entertained, and there are special rooms for cake and food.

Water games

In hot summer days when you’re too worried about your cake completely melting, why don’t you throw a water party? You needn’t have a pool for this, by the way. Just prepare to get really wet! You’ll need Slip N Slide, water balloons, water pistols, sprinklers, bubbles – whatever you can think of. A water party ensures one noisy, hilarious and memorable party the kids will love.

Camping party

Don’t worry, you needn’t take all of his/her friends out in the woods. That would be too much responsibility to handle. Instead, you can make the next best thing and organize camping in your own backyard! Just put up a few tents (or let the kids do it), make a fire pit and roast those marshmallows!

Don’t forget though, safety first, but not only regarding the fire. If you have a pool that is off limits for the big day, make sure you have secured it with a pool fence adhering to the appropriate safety requirements.

In the evening, give them a different option of storytelling and organize a movie night under the stars! Some blankets and a big screen, and your kids will have a party to remember!

Fairy for a day

If you’d like to do something really special for your princess and throw a proper girly party, then a fairy party is your best pick! Send all the invites telling guests to dress up as their favorite fairy and watch them try out their little wings in your backyard. Face painting is obligatory, and you can have them make and decorate their own magic wands!

Picnic party

If you’re not keen on hosting a huge party and you love spending time outdoors (and your kids, too), why don’t you organize a nice picnic in the local park? There’s plenty of space for the children to be themselves and run around. If you have a small yard, then this would be the perfect option. Of course, don’t forget to pack one big picnic basket as the kids will need their energy back after all that running around!

Now, discuss the party details with your birthday boy/girl, and get ready to give them a party you’ll all remember!


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