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5 Cool & Creative Ways to Use a Projector at Events

5 Cool & Creative Ways to Use a Projector at Events

Most people think of projectors as a useful tool for classrooms, product presentations, and corporate meetings. However, the projector has a few more tricks up its sleeve. In this article, we will look at five ingenious ways to use the projector in whatever event or purpose.

1. Share a live social media feed or photo wall

One of the best techniques to make any event more interactive is to integrate social media. While some people think that Facebook and Twitter are useful only for pre-event promotions, using these social media channels during a conference or a trade fair can increase hype and boost the participation of people in the event.

An easy way of doing this is to use a projector to display a real-time Twitter feed for a particular hashtag (that your team should promote beforehand). Set the Twitter feed to refresh automatically, so that people who tweet using the hashtag will see their content on the big screen.

Another clever strategy to use the abovementioned approach is to open Twitter for questions that the speaker will attempt to answer.

The same can be said of live photo streams posted on social media. Tell the event participants to post their selfies and photos with a specific hashtag, so that their content can be displayed on screen using a projector.

2. Set up a projector for gaming events

Video game events and MMORPG tournaments have spawned a mass following, thanks to millions of people who have grown a liking to these kinds of games. How about immersing them in the gaming experience by using a projector to display the gaming screens of the contestants?

Here are some techniques to make the most out of the projector in gaming events:

  • Put up a display of competitor screens in split-screen fashion.This allows viewers to see how the players are battling each other. It makes for an exciting gaming event!
  • Arrange a free gaming lounge.Why don’t you let everyone in on the fun? By putting up a gaming lounge for event visitors, you can enhance the experience for all.
  • Display gaming event updates. Let everyone know what’s happening during the event, such as scoreboard leaders, upcoming game sessions, and celebrity meetups.

3. Host your own outdoor home cinema

Whether it’s a classic film or the latest season of Game of Thrones, having a home cinema can instantly make your entertainment experience absolutely amazing.

For this particular purpose, you need to use the best short throw projector. That way, you can bring out the best possible picture quality without worrying about glare or shadows. More importantly, a short throw projector is more inconspicuous than traditional models, making it the perfect projection tool for a home entertainment setup.

Of course, you need to include other items to install a home cinema, such as comfortable seating, proper lighting, and possibly a fireplace to heat up the place. Don’t forget to stock up on food to make your guests absolutely entertained.

4. Make a digital exhibit

Although art exhibits have never really gone out of style, digital exhibits have increased in popularity. One reason behind this is that you don’t need to print out or display tangible art pieces with the risk of exposing them to the elements.

Besides, some pieces of art may be done using digital software, while other artists simply love making digital works of art. In these cases, a projector will definitely be useful.

5. Create an interactive whiteboard

Did you know that you can write on PowerPoint slides in real time as you’re speaking in front? Using a mouse or keypad, you have the option to make circles or underline anything that’s displayed on screen.

However, if you want to up the ante, you may convert any short throw projector into an interactive whiteboard. In this case, you need a remote marker or device.

You have two options: either buy a complete interactive whiteboard package or pull of a DIY project to recreate a Wiimote interactive whiteboard.

Whatever your intended purpose is, making the most out of your projector can turn any event into something memorable and powerful.

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