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5 Digital Jobs on the Rise

5 Digital Jobs on the Rise

As more and more careers are created in the digital sphere, it can be overwhelming to find your niche in the online market. How do your skills transfer, and which jobs are profitable? This is why we’ve compiled a few of the best digital jobs currently on the rise. Find out if one of these careers might be the right choice for your life.

1. Amazon Seller

Did you know that you can, as an Amazon seller, you can make money right from your home. Through FBM or Fulfillment by Merchant, you as the seller would generate, package, label, and ship your product through the Amazon site. With FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon stores your product and does it all for you. Now there is even a well-built viral launch extension that helps sellers to track data and analytics. 

2. Photographer

As more digital jobs are created, there is an influx of advertisers requiring online ad content. There are also always brands looking for high-quality marketing and brand photography for their social media and websites. Photographers, therefore, can find a wide variety of corporate marketing photography gigs available.

In addition to these massive corporate clients, individuals in recent years need photography more than ever before. Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn allow users to network and keep track of their career progress. For this reason, good professional headshots and pictures of awards, projects, and accomplishments can help users stand out. Because of this, photographers can find freelance work with many low commitment individuals rather than sign corporate contracts that constrain long-term availability. It also means that you can choose more projects that are meaningful for you.

3. Coding

Coding is one of those skills that is highly sought after in the current tech industry. Learning coding means learning the programming language that allows you to control computer behavior. Because it is such a precise job, there are full official guidelines for coding and reporting. This job can allow you to work from home or for a large company, but much of your work is accomplished digitally.

4. Customer Service/Digital Assistant

Did you know that many companies outsource assistant and customer service positions to digital agencies with remote employees? This fully online job often allows representatives to work from home. Assistants coordinate schedules, book travel, and keep up with pressing emails. Customer service reps can liaise with clientele and follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.

The reason that this job is digital is that most communication nowadays is just that, digital. Email, phone, scheduling, booking travel, customer feedback, staff onboarding, hiring, data and analytics, and more are all digitized, making management perfect for an online position.

5. App Developer

There’s an app for that. And if there isn’t, these professionals will make it. App developers design and build applications for mobile devices, including:

  • Games
  • Social or Communication apps
  • Utility apps
  • Productivity tools
  • And more

They can also adapt games or tools meant for alternate use and make them into applications for mobile devices. Nowadays, just about everyone has a mobile device. This means that applications are always sought after as a digital alternative to real-life tools and games. Make your mark on the industry by joining the on-the-rise industry of app development.

The Bottom Line

Exploring jobs within the digital sphere can be both profitable and fulfilling. Use this article to learn about which careers are on the rise. Whether your skills are more applicable to sales, tech, administration, or a creative trade like photography, there is a profitable digital job for you.


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