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5 Easy Steps to Fix iphone Headphone Jack Problems

5 Easy Steps to Fix iphone Headphone Jack Problems

For many, iphone is like a benchmark of luxury and we judge someone’s standard depending on whether he or she owns an iphone or not. From this statement it is very much clear that iphones are in high demand and owning an iphone is a trend. The headphone of iphone is very handy and is better than many other headphones available in the market. It is of high quality and is liked by most of the users. If the headphone stops working, the user at first should not panic and contact the apple store. To know what are the problems with the headphone, and see whether it is actually broken or not, few steps can be followed which will help to fix the headphone.

Given below are the steps that should be followed

1) Clean the headphone jack:

We often keep our headphone in our pockets which is a major reason which cause the lint in our pockets to enter the headphone. If there is enough amount of lint, it can block the connection between the headphone and the jack. This can cause the headphone not to work.

You can observe and look into the jack to see that whether there is any lint blocking the space. You can blow air into the headphone to clean the lint and then see whether it is working again or not as the moisture can cause the headphone not to work. A cotton swab can also be used to remove the moisture and lint and this may cause your headphone to work again. If it does not work after cleaning, try to fix the software part.

2) Restart the iphone:

The headphone of the iphone may not work because of any software issue. The headphone may start working after the iphone has been restarted. By restarting an iphone, it clears the active memory which could be reason of the problem. Thus restarting it may cause the headphone to start working.

Hold the on/ off button for a while to restart you iphone. If the model is iphone 8 or iphone X, you should hold the volume up button. This is a method which may cause your headphone to start working and may save your time of going to the apple store.

3) Airplay Output:

There can be many other reasons for which the audio may not be coming out of the headphone. One reason can be that the iphone is sending the audio to any other output .this may cause problem and needs to be fixed. A valid cause is that, maybe the audio is being sent to airpods.

To check if this is the issue, try the following steps-

Open the control centre on your iphone. Long press the music playback control which you will find at the top right corner of the control centre. Tap the airplay button in the top right of the music control and reveal all the output sources which are available. Then tap headphones. This will make sure that the audio is being sent to your headphone. This may cause your headphone to start working. These are the few steps which will help you to fix your headphone.

4) Bluetooth output:

It can happen that you have connected your iphone to some speakers or other devices with the help of Bluetooth and you are hoping to get the audio through the headphone. To be aware of this problem, you try to see whether your iphone is connected to some Bluetooth device or not. Sometimes you mistakenly connect your iphone to other devices and do not notice.

To see, go to the control centre, tap Bluetooth in the top left group of icons and see that the button is not lit up. This will disconnect your Bluetooth from every other device and may cause your headphone to start working. If this was the problem, the audio should now come through the headphone and not from other devices.

5) Check the headphone:

Look for any damage or tear in the headphone. If there is a small damage in the cable, a little tape can fix it and it may work again properly. If the damage is not minor, you may need to replace it from the apple store. Try to fix the jack with some tape and other instruments and try hard to make it work again.

So, we can see from the above points that if the headphone is not working, it is not necessary that it has been damaged. There can be other reasons which are causing the issue in the headphone. If the headphone is found to be damaged, then it should be replaced and a new one should be used. In this regard, you can get more information from the website of labagile. So, check it out!


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