5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Static Hair [No More Frizz!]

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Static Hair [No More Frizz!]

How do you prevent static hair after you shower? And how do you get rid of frizz on the go? Let’s talk about how to get rid of static hair in every situation!

Einstein may have rocked the frizzy hair look with confidence, but he’s the exception. Nobody really wants to have a head full of static hair, but many people are constantly dealing with it.

Frizzy, flyaway hair is caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, and there are many things that can cause that. But luckily, there are many ways to prevent it as well.

Is staticky hair getting in the way of your good hair day? Here are some ways to get rid of static hair in any situation.

How to Prevent Static Hair in the Shower

The very first step to combat static hair is to use a moisturizing shampoo.

Of course, washing your hair too often can also dry it out, even with a moisturizing shampoo, so don’t wash your hair every time you shower.

After shampooing, never skip conditioner. If you want less frizz, conditioner is your friend. Use it every time you wash your hair.

Try to find a high-quality conditioner with natural ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, or shea butter.

Your hair will also benefit from a deep-conditioning mask every once in a while. All of the products, pollution, and styling can really make your hair dry and dull, but a deep conditioner will bring it back to life.

Many products take only minutes to work, but there are some deep-conditioning masks that you can leave in overnight.

You can even make your own with natural ingredients. Check out these quick hair mask recipes made with ingredients from your kitchen.

How to Prevent Static Hair After You Shower

After you get out of the shower, there are crucial steps to take that will cut down on the amount of frizz in your hair. 

Look for leave-in treatments, like a good conditioner or gel that moistens your hair and then seals in the moisture. 

Many people experience problems with static hair — you’re not the only one. Luckily, there are many products designed to fix this problem. Anti-frizz products like Living Proof Humidity Shield deter electricity from getting close to your hair. 

When you get out of the shower and want to dry your hair, it’s best to wear a microfiber towel or t-shirt on your head. These materials aren’t as rough on your delicate hair strands as regular towels.

How to Prevent Static Hair When Styling

When you are getting ready in the morning, you can take steps to prevent static by tweaking the way you style your hair.

Always use a heat protectant when styling with hot hair tools. Of course, it’s best not to use heat at all. But when you do, use it sparingly.

If you use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process, use an ionic hair dryer. These types of dryers don’t create as much electrical charge in your hair as a normal dryer would. 

When styling and brushing your hair, use brushes and combs made from natural materials, not plastic. These natural tools won’t attract as much static electricity.

How to Prevent Static Hair at Home

It’s hard to believe, but even the atmosphere in your home can contribute to the static in your hair.

You can lessen the effect of static electricity in your home by using a humidifier. You’ll be surprised by the many benefits of using a humidifier in your home, beyond just helping you have a good hair day. 

A humidifier will increase the moisture levels in the air of whatever room it is in. The best room to put your humidifier in is your bedroom, since you spend your morning getting ready there.

Another way to cut down on frizzy hair is to avoid static-causing clothing. This includes rubber-soled shoes, as they tend to be insulators of static electricity and keep the static in your body, including your hair. 

Other materials to avoid include wool, silk, and fur. Have you ever tried to slip a wool sweater over your head without causing your hair to frizz up immediately? It’s just impossible!

And don’t skimp on the dryer sheets. These will help the rest of your clothes to stay static-free. 

How to Prevent Static Hair On the Go

So, what if you aren’t home and you notice that your hair is starting to gain air and fly away from your head? There are a few products you can use to prevent static hair on the go.

Anti-frizz wipes were created to fit into your pocket or purse so you can take them with you. Just a little wipe of your head and voila, your hair is less frizzy in seconds!

If you know that you might be facing a staticky hair day, you can just put your hair back or up to put a stop to it right away.

You can also keep a travel-size bottle of anti-frizz spray in your purse or car to use in a pinch. 

Of course, there will be times when you get staticky hair when you least expect it. If this happens and you don’t have any backup emergency sprays or wipes, you can still do something to keep the frizz down.

When all else fails, just use water to get rid of static. Simply wet your hands and run them through your hair to eliminate the electrical charge.

If you follow the tips above, you won’t have to worry about static in your hair nearly as often. And when those rare occasions do come up, you’ll be prepared to tame those flyaways.

Say goodbye to stubborn, frizzy hair and hello to gorgeous, healthy hair!

Author Bio:

Karen Lein is the General Manager of Copper Beech at San Marcos. She is a Fresno State alumna and enjoys traveling and watching football. #GoDogs!

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