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5 Easy Ways to Treat Dry Hands [Moisturizing Hacks!]

5 Easy Ways to Treat Dry Hands [Moisturizing Hacks!]

There is hope in the battle against brittle skin. Follow these simple tips for effective ways to treat dry, cracked hands and enjoy soft, supple skin again.

Dry, cracked hands can be painful and unattractive to look at. They’re often caused by habits like frequent hand washing, as well as environmental factors, such as work conditions and harsh weather. 

You have to wash your hands to keep them clean, yet there’s a price to pay. The more you wash your hands, the more your skin dries and chaps. 

If your work involves the use of chemicals, it can dry out your skin. Cold weather and fierce winds can also irritate the skin, zapping natural moisture from your epidermis faster than you can say, “Holy gale winds!” 

But there is hope in the battle against brittle skin. Follow these simple tips to treat dry, cracked hands and enjoy soft, supple skin again.

1. Always Moisturize

If you frequently have dry hands, there is no excuse not to moisturize! Keep moisturizer nearby so you can lotion up throughout the day, especially after washing your hands.

Moisturizing Tips for Super Dry Skin

Regular lotion may not be enough if you have ultra-dry skin. You might need a thicker moisturizer that’s specifically designed for rough hands.

Be sure to use it after washing and before you go to bed each night to get the maximum benefits.

Moisturizing Tips for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you already know there are a lot of skincare products that are off limits.

Keep your skin soothed by using a moisturizer designed for sensitive skin. When in doubt, check the label and use a dermatologist-approved hand cream.

Grab a moisturizer that’s fragrance free. This is important, as added perfumes can further irritate dry skin.

Look for moisturizers with aloe, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and glycerine. Products made with ingredients like these will further soothe and heal your hands, keeping them supple and soft longer.

2. Wear Gloves

Gloves lock in your skin’s natural moisture, which can prevent it from drying out while you do certain tasks.

So when do you need to wear gloves? We have some ideas on that.

While Cleaning

Keep a few pairs of reusable rubber gloves around to wear while washing the dishes and cleaning your house.

Not wearing gloves will bring your hands into contact with cleaning products and dishwater, both of which can dry and irritate bare skin.

While Sleeping

Here’s the deal:

If you have dry hands but have never slept wearing a pair of cotton gloves, it may be time!

Before going to bed, slather on your favorite hand lotion, balm, or serum, and put on a pair of clean cotton gloves.

This will lock in moisture, and you’ll wake up to soft, supple skin each morning.

3. Is Medication Necessary?

In extreme cases, you may need a prescription from your dermatologist to treat your hands.

This is especially true if you have been diagnosed with psoriasis or dermatitis, both of which can cause skin rashes.

When to Get Medication for Dry Hands

First and foremost, talk to your doctor or dermatologist. They’ll examine your lifestyle and give you tests to determine if you have psoriasis (which at its essence is an immune system disorder), dermatitis (your skin’s reaction to irritants), or another condition.

In the meantime, try hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone cream has been shown to treat inflamed skin and is available at any pharmacy, without the need for a prescription.

4. Go the DIY Route 

You can also make your own skin-loving hand balm from items you probably already have in your pantry. DIY skin masks and moisturizers are all the rage for a reason; they’re fun to make, are completely customizable, and can work wonders on your skin.

To get started, why not try this all-natural balm recipe by AlphaFoodie. It contains olive oil, honey, lemon, and essential oils to pamper and heal dry, cracked hands.

5. Reduce Stress Where Possible

Stress is the full package of discomfort, negatively affecting our bodies as much as our minds. As if that’s not enough, stress can take an ugly toll on our skin.

If you notice an uptick in the amount of stress in your life at the same time as a flare-up on your hands, it’s time for some self-care and chill.

How to Heal Stress-Related Dry Skin

There are several stress-reduction techniques you can use, all of which your skin will thank you for.

Some of the easiest and most effective include:

  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bubble baths
  • Journaling or drawing
  • Taking a walk
  • Deep-breathing exercises

All of these ideas can help to reduce stress and, therefore, reduce the effects of stress on your hands. Try one or more today and start feeling the stress melt away while your hands become softer and smoother.

Having dry, cracked hands is annoying at the very least. But there are ways to prevent and heal this common burden.

Use a moisturizer that’s suitable for your type of skin, and use it often. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning your home and cotton gloves while sleeping to keep your hands moist.

If your skin is extra dry and inflamed, consult your dermatologist. They’ll be able to tell you if a prescription hand cream or medication is a valid solution for you. 

Create your own pampering hand balm and reduce your stress for happy, soft, and supple skin.

Because sometimes, the most effective ways to treat dry, cracked hands can also be the most enjoyable.

Author Bio:

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer. He specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Grove at Pullman to help them with their online marketing.

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