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5 Effective Ways Organic Garlic Supplements are Beneficial for Your Healt

5 Effective Ways Organic Garlic Supplements are Beneficial for Your Healt

Natural, organic garlic comes with many health benefits, whether it is taken raw or as supplements. Though it has a strong, pungent smell, the organic and sulfur compound, allicin found in this herb-like veggie is a healthy inclusion in your diet. 

According to an article published on Edition.CNN, since ancient 1500 BC, the healers in India and China used garlic as an effective blood thinner. Based on the findings of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine, fresh and organic garlic keeps your heart healthy. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of organic garlic. 

1. Improves immunity 

In test-tube studies, garlic has shown to destroy cancer cells, and research on people indicated similar results. Based on the findings of the Iowa Women’s Health Study on 41,000 middle-aged women, it was found that those who took garlic, vegetables, and fruits regularly had 35 percent fewer chances of developing colon cancer. Therefore, take garlic in organic form and as a cooked vegetable. 

2. Boosts your heart health

Are you wondering whether garlic boosts your cholesterol levels or not? Did you know that research indicates that organic garlic has a positive effect on your blood pressure levels and arteries? According to researchers, the red blood cells or RBCs convert the sulfur found in garlic into hydrogen sulfide gas, which helps in expanding the blood vessels, thus making it simpler to control human blood pressure. Therefore, you can opt for organic garlic supplement after consulting your physician to boost your cardiovascular health. 

According to the German Commission E, it suggests taking four grams of garlic every day, usually the size of a big clove to alleviate the risks associated with a heart ailment. Take it and you will benefit. You can also take natural garlic supplements. 

3. Improves your skin health 

Did you know that organic garlic’s antibacterial features and antioxidant properties help in keeping your skin healthy, as it kills acne-producing bacteria? There is some data to indicate that by rubbing raw garlic on pimples could clear such skin irritations away. Then, use it carefully because garlic has a burning sensation on the skin. 

4. Boosts hair growth

Garlic also has anti-microbial features to destroy bacteria and germs that damage your scalp and hair. So if you have thinning or falling hair, take organic garlic rich in vitamin C that promotes hair growth. Garlic also helps in the production of collagen to trigger healthy growth of hair. So if you have hair problems, organic garlic is your best as it promotes growth. 

5. Alleviates pain and inflammation 

Research indicates that garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore if you are plagued with bone, muscle, or joint pain, use raw, organic garlic to assuage pain and discomfort. Scientists believe that organic garlic gives you relief from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis pain, as the vegetable has quercetin, which is a flavonoid, which weakens the inflammation-inducing chemicals such as histamines and prostaglandins. 

Now that you know about the benefits of organic garlic, you can take it in raw form or as a supplement to stay hello to healthy living. 

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