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5 Expert Tips on Buying Furniture for Your New Home



Buying furniture for your new home is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Luckily, we have five expert-approved tips on buying furniture.

Buying new furniture is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. What are the must-haves, and what accessories go with them? What color schemes match, and which ones should you stay away from?

The overwhelming possibilities of home decor make many people run to the experts for help. But you don’t have to hire an interior designer to get professional advice.

Over the decades, certain methods have worked for design experts, and they can work for you, too. Here are some expert secrets on how to buy furniture for your new home.

1. Start With a List of Must-Haves

Before you tackle any project, you should make a list of things that need to be done. The same rule applies to furniture shopping. 

Experts know that without a list, you’re walking into a shopping trip with no direction. This can easily lead to buying random objects that catch your eye but don’t serve a purpose or match your other decor. 

It may also lead to spending a lot of extra money on unnecessary products.

When you write your list, organize the items in order of importance. Stick with the necessities first.

Furniture-wise, this usually consists of things like your bed, nightstand, couch, and kitchen table. You may already have some of these, so the other furnishings should match the decor you plan to keep.

Once you have your list of necessities taken care of, you can then turn to the accessories. You know the color scheme you’re looking for, so you can start looking for nonessentials, such as:

  • TV stand or mounts for each room
  • Vanities
  • Extra nightstands
  • Barstools
  • Patio furniture
  • Office furniture

It’s up to you if you want all of these furnishings or just a few. Don’t rush in and buy everything on the list if you don’t have the need for it. It’ll still be there if you change your mind later!

2. Run Through a Mental Checklist Before You Buy

Everyone’s style is unique, and how you’ll use each piece of furniture depends on your family situation. 

Some people want a soft and comfortable sofa where they can binge Netflix or read for hours. Other people need furniture that can survive being used as a playground by toddlers and pets.

It’s important to know your ultimate goal for each furniture item before you go shopping. Once you commit to a piece, it’s an expensive mistake if it doesn’t fit your checklist.

Taking a list with you when you shop keeps you from convincing yourself something is perfect when it’s really not. Write down the criteria that you will not compromise on and things you’d like to have but aren’t set on. 

For instance, maybe you’d love a suede couch but would be okay with microfiber. Or maybe you want a six-seater kitchen table but would accept an eight if it were a drop-leaf table.

Be as thorough as you want to be. Quality furniture can be expensive. Make it an investment that you are completely satisfied with! 

Having the list helps the salesperson, too. They won’t waste your time (or theirs) showing you items that don’t meet your criteria.

3. Know What to Stay Away From and What’s a Bargain

Some people seem to be hardwired for bargain-hunting. They will only buy a product if it’s on sale, and they’ll buy it whether they need it or not because it’s a bargain.

When it comes to furniture, though, something cheap isn’t necessarily a good deal.

Instead of rushing to buy a piece that looks decent and has an affordable price tag, keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid particleboard and composite wood for heavily used areas. This material is weak and breaks easily.
  • Stay away from heavy, cumbersome furniture, especially if you have floors that scratch easily. 
  • For families with younger children and busy lifestyles, veneer woods are safer. They aren’t as heavy as solid wood, but if they get wet, you won’t be worried about expensive furniture being ruined.
  • Opt for a fabric that can hold up to the people and pets in your home. Lighter colors look nice, but spills can ruin the upholstery. Microfiber is easy to clean, and dark colors hide stains better.
  • Focus on finding the best furniture for high-traffic areas. A piece that will deteriorate quickly isn’t a good deal, no matter the price.

If the bargain piece meets all of these criteria, then run, don’t walk, to the register!

4. Put Your Geometry Skills to Use

Professional designers know the importance of geometry in designing a room. Scale and proportion, two math concepts many of us ignored in high school, are integral to furniture buying.

Scale is used to ensure that a piece of furniture fits the people who’ll use it and the room it’s going to live in.

Proportion, on the other hand, compares one furniture item to another. When items are proportionate, they are more aesthetically pleasing. 

Experts use the golden ratio, a mathematical concept frequently found in nature, to find the perfect proportion in interior design. If you want to decorate your home like a pro, look into that concept.

However, if you’re a more casual decorator, just make sure that your furniture looks comfortable in the room and next to your other pieces. Keeping scale and proportion in mind will help you to design a cozy, welcoming room.

5. Avoid Going Overboard

It’s easy to overshop when you’re moving into a new home. That’s why lists, criteria, and color schemes are important to know before you go to the store.

It’s understandable to get excited and want to get everything at once. But if you’re looking for professional advice, experts recommend that you only buy a little furniture at a time.

Live in your home for a while so you know what’s missing. Slowly, you’ll start to figure out what you need, how big it should be, and what needs to match with what. With patience, you’ll save money and be much more satisfied!

Decorating your home should be exciting, but it can get stressful.

However, these professional tips have been used in interior design for centuries, and they can take a lot of stress out of the decorating process. Lose the worry and enjoy your new home!

Author Bio:

Jenny Bullock graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and currently works with Broadstone Briar Forest to make life better for their residents every day.


Cabaret Loses The West Bank Cafe and Laurie Beechman Theatre



The West Bank Cafe and the Laurie Beechman theatre are closing their doors in August.

The West Bank Cafe opened in 1978. The restaurant’s early clients even included the notorious Irish gang, the Westies. The neighborhood was rough. In 1980, The New York Times awarded West Bank two stars, which increased its visibility and attracted a wider range of diners. 
In this era, West Bank Cafe’s owner, Steve Olsen opened the Laurie Beechman Theatre downstairs from the Cafe, which staged plays and hosted events nightly. A young Lewis Black was named playwright-in-residence; Howard Stern aired his third-annual live birthday broadcast from the theater; and the restaurant’s regulars included Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Bruce Willis, among others.

Soon the redevelopment of 42nd Street spread further west, bringing new businesses and residents to the area. Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, the restaurant was a leader in the growing Theater District and Hell’s Kitchen dining scenes. As new theaters opened in the area, the restaurant’s connection to stage and screen remained strong as well. The Laurie Beechman Theatre continued to regularly stage the work of emerging writers, actors, and singers (many of whom later became stars) as well as established acts: The Who even gave four live performances at the restaurant while their musical Tommy was running on Broadway.

After 45 years, the restaurant’s surrounding neighborhood and America’s culinary tastes have changed dramatically. West Bank Cafe has evolved along with the neighborhood and maintained a commitment to serving high-quality food in a unpretentious setting where both theater-goers and theatre stars feel at home.

In 2020 the West Bank was likely to close imminently as it faced mounting debts and a steep drop-off in customers due to COVID. By Tuesday, though, there was an online fundraiser had raised more than $330,000, shooting past its initial goal of $250,000. Donations came pouring in thanks to Tom D’Angora, a Broadway producer and longtime customer. But things took off on Christmas Day, thanks to a star-studded, nine-hour telethon, featuring speeches and performances by Sean Penn, Nathan Lane, Pete Townshend, Debra Messing, Andre De Shields and dozens more performers who have called themselves West Bank regulars during its 42-year history.

The money raised allowed Olsen to pay off the cafe’s debts and save some cash for the future. Sadly it seems 2024 might be the end.

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Legal Representation for Your Auto Accident Lawsuit: How They Can Help




Being in a car accident can be scary and stressful, but you don’t have to handle the legal stuff by yourself. Think about having a professional on your side who could help you get through the court system and fight for the money you deserve.

Your auto accident lawsuit can be helped by a lawyer. Know that a professional is working hard for you if you hire the right lawyer. This will give you peace of mind and the strength to face the problems that lie ahead. Fasten your seat belts, and let’s look at how lawyers can ease this tough path.

Experience and Expertise

The experience and knowledge that lawyers bring to your car accident victim case is one of the main benefits of having one. They know how the justice system works and can easily get around its many complicated parts. Their specific understanding of personal injury law is very important if you want to improve your chances of winning.

Legal Support and Guidance

A case over a car accident can be hard on the mind and emotions. Getting a lawyer is important because they can help and guide you. They talk to the insurance companies, help with paperwork, and advise on what to do next.

Negotiation Skills

In most cases, auto accident lawsuits end up being settled outside of court through settlement negotiations between lawyers and insurance companies. Having a skilled lawyer negotiating on your behalf can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. They know how to present evidence, highlight key points, and negotiate for a fair settlement that covers all of your damages.

Courtroom Representation

If your case does go to trial, having legal representation is crucial. Your lawyer will act as your advocate in court, presenting your case and fighting for your rights. They know how to navigate the courtroom, from proper procedures to building a strong defense against any opposing arguments.

Contingency Fee Arrangements

Several auto accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they receive payment only if your case is successful. This eliminates any upfront costs for you and ensures that your lawyer is fully invested in the success of your case. It also offers peace of mind knowing that your lawyer will work tirelessly to secure a favorable outcome.

Peace of Mind

One of the key benefits of having legal representation for your auto accident lawsuit is the peace of mind it provides. Dealing with an auto accident can be emotionally taxing, but having a lawyer on your side can reduce stress and help you focus on recovery.

Choosing the right lawyer means finding one who is familiar with the local laws and regulations that will impact your case. By selecting personal injury lawyers in Opa Locka, you can benefit from their understanding of the local jurisdiction and their established relationships with local courts and professionals.

Take the First Step Towards Justice in Your Auto Accident Lawsuit

Having a lawyer help you with your auto accident lawsuit can make things a lot easier and improve your chances of getting a good result. A skilled lawyer can be very helpful on your trip, whether it’s because they know how to handle complicated legal issues, are good at negotiating, or give you peace of mind by working for you.

After a car accident, don’t handle the fallout by yourself. Get professional help and start the process of getting justice and the money you deserve.

Does this article help you? Explore our website to find more helpful and fun stories that could help you.

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Efficient Solar Panel Installation for Energy Optimization




Efficient solar panel installation is your gateway to optimal energy use in your home or business. By placing panels correctly and ensuring they operate at their best, you can significantly cut your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Interested in learning how to maximize your solar energy optimization potential? Read on to find out more about the benefits and best practices for efficient solar panel installation.

Choosing the Right Location

The right location is key for getting the most out of your solar power systems. First, you need a spot that gets a lot of sunlight. Roofs are a common choice because they usually get a lot of sun.

Make sure there are no shadows from trees or buildings that could block the sunlight. It’s also good to check the angle of your roof to see if it can hold the panels just right. If you choose the best spot, your solar power systems will work better and save you more energy.

Quality Materials and Installation

Using good materials and a good installation process is important for making your solar panels work well. Quality parts and proper setup help your system last longer and work better. This gives you more power and saves you more money.

When you use strong panels and good wiring, you improve solar energy efficiency. This makes it easy to get the most power from the sun. Good installation also means fewer problems and less need for repairs.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

Taking care of your solar panels regularly helps keep them working well. Simple tasks like cleaning the panels and checking the connections can make a big difference.

Remove dirt or debris that might block sunlight. Check to make sure the wiring is secure. Inspect for any damage and fix it right away. Good maintenance keeps your system running smoothly and extends its life. If you’re not sure how to do this, companies like Semper Solaris Solar Panels of Fresno can help you.

Utilizing Solar Tracking Technology

Solar tracking technology helps your solar panels get more sunlight, making them work better. This system moves the panels to follow the sun’s path during the day. When the panels always face the sun, they can make more power.

There are two types of trackers: single-axis and dual-axis. Single-axis trackers move the panels in one direction, while dual-axis trackers move them in two directions. Using solar tracking means you can get the most out of your solar panels, making sure they capture as much sunlight as possible and produce more energy.

Integrating Energy Storage Systems

Integrating energy storage systems with your solar panels is a great idea. These systems store extra power that your panels make during the day. You can use this stored energy at night or on cloudy days when the panels can’t produce as much power.

This helps you use more of the energy you make and save more on your energy bills. Having an energy storage system means you won’t run out of power, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Learn More About Energy Optimization

Energy optimization with solar panels is simple and very useful. By choosing the right location, using good materials, and keeping up with regular maintenance, you can make sure your system runs well and lasts longer.

Solar tracking technology and energy storage systems help you get the most out of your solar power. This means more savings on your energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Visit our blog for more!

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Hell’s Kitchen And New York Liberty Host Block Party At Block Party



The new musical Hell’s Kitchen will be the presenting sponsor of the New York Liberty’s game today July 16th. As a celebration of New York culture, Hell’s Kitchen and the New York Liberty will host a free open-to-the-public Block Party for fans on Tuesday, July 16 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. on the Ticketmaster Plaza at Barclays Center. The New York Liberty continue to underscore their intentional focus to bring together its passionate community and fanbase.

To emphasize the unique intersection of sport and theater, the Block Party will include a meet and greet with select cast members of Hell’s Kitchen, special performances from the New York Liberty Entertainment team and the Brooklyn Elite Jumpers Double Dutch, exclusive giveaways from Keys Soulcare and American Express, food vendors and more!

The festivities will continue during the New York Liberty’s game against the Connecticut Sun, where the Liberty aim to build upon the historic momentum experienced throughout the 2024 WNBA season. During the game, there will be a special halftime performance choreographed by Hell’s Kitchen’s choreographer Camille A. Brown and associate chorographer Rickey Tripp featuring the New York Liberty mascot, Ellie the Elephant, and dance team, as well as an on-court giveaway where two fans will have the chance to win tickets to an upcoming Hell’s Kitchen performance.

Ali is a 17-year-old girl full of fire – searching for freedom, passion and her place in the world. How she finds them is a New York City coming-of-age story you’ve never felt before – Hell’s Kitchen, a new musical from 16-time Grammy® Award winner Alicia Keys, whose songs and experiences growing up in NY inspire a story made for Broadway.

Rebellious and stifled by an overprotective single mother, Ali is lost until she meets her mentor: a neighbor who opens her heart and mind to the power of the piano. Set to the rhythm of the 90s, Hell’s Kitchen is a love story between a mother and daughter.  It’s about finding yourself, your purpose, and the community that lifts you. Come remember where dreams begin.

The “powerhouse cast” is led by Tony Award® winner Maleah Joi Moon, Shoshana Bean, Brandon Victor Dixon, Tony Award® winner Kecia Lewis and Chris Lee. Hell’s Kitchen is directed by four-time Tony Award® nominee Michael Greif, with choreography by four-time Tony Award nominee Camille A. Brown, a book by Pulitzer Prize finalist and Tony Award nominee Kristoffer Diaz – and the music of Keys, featuring new songs and her greatest hits.

The Hell’s Kitchen Original Broadway Cast Recording is available now via Alicia Keys Records/Interscope Records on streaming and digital platforms worldwide with a physical release to follow.

Hell’s Kitchen lottery tickets are available through a digital lottery the day before the performance at The digital lottery opens at at 12AM (ET) one day before the performance with winners announced that same morning at 10AM (ET), with a second announcement of additional winners that afternoon at 3PM (ET). Winners may purchase up to two tickets at $39 each (inclusive of $5 service fee), subject to availability. Seats may be partial view.

A limited number of in-person Hell’s Kitchen rush tickets will be available on the day of each performance for $39 per ticket when the Shubert Theatre box office opens. Maximum of two tickets per person, subject to availability. Seats may be partial view. The box office opens Monday through Saturday at 10AM (ET) and Sunday at 12PM (ET).

Tickets for Hell’s Kitchen are available at and Tickets can also be purchased at the Shubert Theatre box office. Ticket prices range from $59-199.

Season ticket memberships and single game tickets for New York Liberty home games at Barclays Center are on sale now via Ticketmaster. To learn more and view additional ticketing options such as group tickets and ticket plans, visit

The performance schedule for Hell’s Kitchen is Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7PM, Wednesday at 7:30PM, Saturday at 8PM, with matinees on Wednesday and Saturday at 2PM, and Sunday at 3PM.

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Come Celebrate Harry Potters Birthday at Harry Potter: The Exhibition



In the first Harry Potter story, The Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry turns 11 on July 31st. In honor of his birthday, Harry Potter: The Exhibition at 50 West 34th Street, is celebrating with a variety of birthday treats and specials for visitors, including: free admission for anyone named “Harry” , $11 ticket special for everyone else, with code HPBDAY2024 (on sale now!), free ice cream for visitors between 11am – 1pm , one-of-a-kind commemorative birthday buttons  and ticket giveaways & contests with Z100 host Crystal Garcia.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition
is the record-breaking exhibition taking visitors of all ages on a one-of-a-kind journey celebrating the entire Wizarding World and includes some of the most iconic moments from the beloved books and films of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Upon entry, everyone is given an exhibition wristband for a personalized experience using best-in-class immersive design and technology. From selecting a Hogwarts house (either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin) to picking your wand and Patronus, visitors will be able to create their own, uniquely magical moments while earning points for their house with each interactive activity.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition closes August 11, 2024, so now is the perfect time to visit.


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