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5 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

5 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

A woman who has silky, smooth and healthy hair can make any suitable hair style easily. Some of the hair styles swiftly collapse. After experiments, it is concluded that it’s all about the use of right products which will ultimately give healthy and beautiful looks of hair. If you have chosen quality comb, suitable shampoo and hair sprays then it’s time to say goodbye to thin and flats hair.


  • Teased Ponytail


It is the easiest way to give a thicker look to your hair. You have to follow certain steps. You have to wash your hair twice days ago and they must be dry. Avoid using your routine conditioner or shampoo and try to use dry shampoo for washing your hair.

Hold some hair from the front side which is lining up your eyebrows. Use Tooth comb to tease it. The process of teasing is exactly contradictory to how you brush your hair in regular days. Begin from your scalp and going upwards while keeping comb under your hair. It will make fine knots increasing the volume of hair.

Now put back your hair and make a pony tail. Make sure that sure about the elasticity of your rubber band. Keep thicker part of your hair out of its grasp. Resulting ponytail will artifice thicker look of hair. To keep it firm, use Aveda Force Control hair spray.

  1.    Uneven Front Bangs

It’s not always compulsory to keep your fronts cuts like Zooey Deschanel’s. Avoid putting blunt edges or thick cuts on your forehead. You have to go for uneven, flimsy bangs. You will have a choice either to put them in the center or side. Pull back your hair, tangle your front cuts using your fingers and then spray them to keep at their place.

  1.    Deconstructed Fishtail Braid

If your length is medium to long you can easily create this hairstyle which will definitely give an illusion of thicker hair. Coarse your hair for increasing volume and creating messy waves of your hair.

A specialized hair stylist can only create a fine fishtail braid. It is suggested that braid may not go below your shoulder.

After completion of braid, hold each section of your braid and try to tweak it outwards slightly. It will help to show the increased volume of your hair. This deconstruction of braid the and messy strands will intensify the appearance of the instant richness of healthy hair.

  Top Pulled Back

  1.    Top Pulled Back

If you want to get the best hairstyles for thin hair, then this would be an amazing option for you. You have to be careful while choosing your shampoo. It must not much effective and keep your hair uncoil and healthy like Rahua Voluminous Shampoo.

Take a layer of your hair from the middle (which are lining up with your eye brows). Tease them with tooth comb. Using bobby pins, put them back so they could cover again. It must not be slicked back so tightly tie them with pins. It is recommended to make bombshell heavy curls of your remaining hair using shaping rod.

Wavy Lob

  1.    Wavy Lob

It has two most noticeable benefits especially for those women with fine hair are: its beachy smoothness gave healthy look and it will not fall flat because it’s quite short enough. Spray your hair with texturizing spray to enhance texture, density, and volume of your hair. If you have naturally curly hair, use your hand to make crumbles when they are wet. Or use curler in your dry hair. Mess them up with your fingers. Lastly, spray them with refresher and hair spray like Rahua Organic Voluminous.


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