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5 Jewelry Must Buy’s For Women Who Love Jewelry

5 Jewelry Must Buy’s For Women Who Love Jewelry

There is something about jewellery that makes it irresistible to women since time immemorial. Jewellery has the power to transform any simple outfit into an extraordinary look. The sign of classic jewellery is that it never goes out of fashion and always transcends time. 

If you are confused about trends and fashion, here’s what you need to know. There are some timeless jewellery staples that every woman should own. These are beautiful, special pieces that will last a lifetime and will also be part of your legacy. So without further ado, here’s what every jewellery lover should have in her jewelry box:

1: Diamond earrings 

Diamonds are after all, a girl’s best friend. Diamond studded earrings are a classic jewellery piece because they work every dress, every occasion that you wear them on. Be it a business meeting, a brunch or simply a girls night out. They sparkle and make their own statement in a subtle way. 

One look that is a must try if you haven’t already is colored diamond earrings. Colored diamonds are all the rage and you get them in a variety of shades and hues.

If diamond earrings are not within your budget, you can opt for CZ earrings at a lower price. 

2: A pearl necklace

Pearls have an ethereal beauty to them and a touch of class. One of the most iconic looks that Hollywood has borrowed for the longest time is that of pearl earrings matched with a string of pearls.

If it is a black-tie affair, then you can personify class with a simple string of pearls with matching earrings or a ring. For black-tie affairs, you will want to keep your look simple and elegant.

But pearls are not just for formal affairs. They are the perfect accessory for casual blouses, jeans and simple dresses. Just know how to pair them correctly and you are all set.

3: A beautiful watch

Watches add that touch of sophistication, worldliness and confidence to any attire. The best thing about women’s watches is that they come in all shapes and sizes and work with whatever you are wearing,be it jeans or dresses, formal or casual.

Remember to pair the right kind of watch for the look that you are aiming for. Rose gold is a hugely popular and classic look in watches that can bring an element of ladylike chic to any occasion.

Watches are true investment jewellery that elevate even the simplest of ensembles. 

4: Tennis Bracelets

The diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most popular picks when it comes to must-have jewellery. You will find every celebrity from Kate Middleton to Elizabeth Taylor sporting the iconic diamond bracelet on various occasions. 

Tennis bracelets are elegant and an iconic symbol of classic beauty. Much like other classic jewellery pieces, tennis bracelets are versatile and look gorgeous with pretty much any outfit. 

5: Rings

From solitaire engagement rings to blingy cocktail ones, from simple wedding bands to classic eternity rings, rings speak volumes without saying anything at all.

Cocktail rings are designed to attract attention. This bold party jewellery is famous for their size and vibrant colours. Considering that cocktail jewelry was created during Prohibition – an era when a celebratory drink or cocktail was big a status symbol as a designer dress or jewellery, this is a must-have for every woman’s collection.

If you have you a colourful personality, however, why not opt for a colored diamond ring. In fact, colored diamond engagement rings are a celebrity staple and you will find everyone Jennifer Lopez to Victoria Beckham rocking the look with a color of their choice. 

Some of the most popular coloured diamond choices include pink diamonds, blue diamonds, yellow diamonds and red diamonds.

When it comes to jewellery, quality trumps quantity, always. Invest in pieces that have a high return on investment, even if you don’t intend to resell. A classic gold bangle, some diamond earrings, a coloured diamond statement piece and you can recreate the look you like.


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