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5 Major Reasons Video Games are Good for You

5 Major Reasons Video Games are Good for You

Our parents used to hate our computers/gaming consoles the most because we constantly kept glued to them. They had also tried locking up one or more cables or controllers so that we could glance at our school books.

While video games have garnered a bad reputation, are they really that bad? Well, it’s just a perception and our parents wanted us to study first and then play games. If you consider rethinking, video games deserve the benefit of the doubt. 

Here are 5 reasons video games can be good for you:

1. Games improve your vision

Video games that feature first-person shooting gameplay, such as PUBG and Call of Duty, can really work on improving your visual ability, i.e. contrast sensitivity function. This is a unique ability that allows you to perceive even subtle changes in shades of gray, which is against a uniform backdrop. This ability makes you easily read and drive at night.

While this contrast sensitivity gradually decreases as you age, you can maintain it by exercising with first-person shooting as well as some other action games.

2. Games could slow down aging

According to science, individuals around 50 and older who play video games regularly are likely to have an improved mental state. Modern video games like World of Warcraft run complex algorithms in the background and you use a significant amount of your mental energy in the gameplay. 

These games help exercise your brain cells, which is going to be better for you or anyone in the long run.

3. Games can help relieve pain and stress

Various studies conducted over the years have registered the positive impact of distraction by video games in cases where people were trying to recover from a painful medical procedure. These individuals were able to focus on other things during the gameplay instead of one or more aching spots.

In contrast, contest and puzzle-based video games like Angry Birds, and Candy Crush were able to improve their moods, ward off anxiety, and promote relaxation to a great extent.

4. Games improve problem-solving skills

Of all kinds of games, strategy-based video games like Chess, make you scratch your head and push your thinking abilities to solve its puzzles. Real-time strategy games like Primedice can significantly improve your skills to solve real-life problems. These games help expand your overall cognitive flexibility required to perform even normal tasks.

5. Games could encourage physical activities

Video games like FIFA or some others by interactive games on your PlayStation or Xbox 36o could get you off the couch and go out to play the real thing with your buddies. Various studies have revealed those who passionately play video games like FIFA are highly encouraged to try it in real life.

These players are highly inspired by their self-esteem and their sports knowledge to try the sport in real-life.

Video games, sometimes, challenge your brain, and may even frustrate you when you fail to complete a particular level. So, don’t take these games seriously.


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