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5 Must Visit Places to Explore in Agra



Agra is among India’s most popular tourist destinations because to its enormous history along with cultural heritage. The TajMahal along with the other world-famous sites might be located in a city. However, TajMahal is a one of the Agra’s many attractions. So, you should plan 3 to 4 day trip for agra. You can consider staying at resorts as resorts in Agra provide comfortable accommodation for visitors. Every visitor should include these 4 Agra attractions in their itinerary:

1.   TajMahal

On a Yamuna River’s southern bank, near the city of Agra, is where you may find the TajMahal. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ordered its construction between 1632 and 1653 AD as the last resting place for his cherished bride, MumtazMahal. While giving birth to their 14th child, MumtazMahal passed away. Shah Jahan, the emperor, was devastated by his wife’s passing and made the decision to honor her by creating a monument of unparalleled beauty and majesty. To plan and build the TajMahal, he hired architects from the Persia, and Ottoman Turkey, along with the Islamic world.

To include features like expansive arched entryway, symmetrical layout, domes, and minarets, they were inspired by Persian as well as Islamic architectural traditions. The building’s construction required 22,000 employees and more than 20 years. On the walls, pillars, and tombs, along with intricate patterns as well as verses from a Quran were carved using semi-precious stones such lapis lazuli, jade, crystal, and mother-of-pearl. For its exquisite carvings, impeccable symmetry, and magnificent beauty, the TajMahal is known. The cenotaphs of MumtazMahal and Emperor Shah Jahan are located inside the main tomb. The compound also features a guest house, mosque, and symmetrical garden.

2.   Agra Fort

Just 2.5 kilometers west of the famous TajMahal in a city of Agra stands the enormous brick fort known as Agra Fort. Emperor Akbar began building the fort in the year 1565 AD, as well as his successors continued the project. Over time, it developed into the Mughal monarchs’ primary palace until Shah Jahan moved the capital to Delhi in 1638. The fort has walls over 2.5 kilometers long and 20 feet height that cover an area of the 5.5 square kilometers. Several opulent palaces and buildings that exhibit the best Mughal architecture and workmanship may be found behind these intimidating walls.

The fort’s JahangiriMahal as well as KhasMahal, which served as royal homes, are two of its most renowned buildings.  The emperor spoke to the people at the Diwan-i-Aam, or public audience hall. The TajMahal may be seen from the fort in all its glory across the Yamuna River. The gleaming white marble mausoleum may be seen from a fort’s ramparts on the clear day. One may get a sense of how the Mughals lived by seeing the fort’s elaborate palaces and courtyards, from the richness of the royal quarters to how the fort functions on a daily basis. The fort is still in excellent shape and gives visitors a peek into the world of the Mughal rulers.

3.   Itimad-ud-Daulah

A stunning marble mausoleum called Itimad-ud-Daulah may be seen across the Yamuna River from the TajMahal. Due to its resemblance to the TajMahal’s famous architectural features, it is also known as the “Baby Taj” and is regarded as its forerunner. In honor of her father MirzaGhiyas Beg, NurJahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir, ordered the construction of the mausoleum in 1622. The mausoleum, which is made entirely of the white marble, is notable for its elaborate pietradura craftsmanship and usage of semi-precious stones. Lapis lazuli, and topaz, as well as malachite, along with coral, and the mother-of-pearl are used to carve floral designs and phrases from the Quran into the outside of the building.

This showcases the exquisite lapidary and stone inlay work that became a hallmark of Mughal architecture. Inside the tomb, the marble walls and ceilings are decorated with beautiful pietradura patterns and verses from the Quran. An octagonal marble screen surrounds the cenotaphs of MirzaGhiyas Beg and his wife inside the main chamber. Whatlainlaid with stones, creating images of flowers and vines. The interior is much smaller in scale compared to the TajMahal but no less impressive with its intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail.

4.   MehtabBagh

MehtabBagh is a scenic garden located across the Yamuna River from the TajMahal in Agra. As per historical records, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had this site developed so he could admire the beauty of the TajMahal, the tomb of his beloved wife MumtazMahal, from a distance. He would spend time here taking in the mesmerizing views of the monument reflected in the river waters, best experienced during full moon nights. That is how the garden got its name – MehtabBagh, which translates to “Moonlight Garden”. The emperor would enjoy gazing at the illuminated white marble mausoleum under the moonlight from this location.

Over the centuries, the garden fell into disuse but in recent times has been meticulously restored to resemble its former glory. Spread over 12 hectares along the riverbank, the garden follows Mughal-style charbagh principles with symmetrical layouts. Pathways lined with flowering trees and fountains divide the space into squares and rectangles. At the center lies a large platform that offers uninterrupted views of the TajMahal across the river. Being located right opposite the monument, this vantage point allows visitors a unique perspective to appreciate and photograph the TajMahal from its riverfront angle, which is not possible from within the Taj complex due to heavy tourist crowds.

Living in resorts in Agraallows you to taste the high-end lifestyle of the Mughals along with its unique cuisine. The city offers a glimpse into India’s glorious Mughal past through its iconic monuments, palaces and forts. While the TajMahal is undoubtedly the crown jewel, exploring places like the Agra Fort, Itimad-ud-Daulah, MehtabBagh and FatehpurSikri provides unique perspectives on Mughal architecture, history and culture. Taking the time to visit some of Agra’s lesser known attractions helps appreciate this city in all its diversity. You can stay at one of the resorts in agraallows travelers to fully experience all that this historical city has to offer. The monuments should not be missed for a more well-rounded understanding of Agra’s rich heritage.


Tech Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts



Summer is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Here are some great and various modern technologies to add offering exciting options.

GPS Devices

Our first gift option is a GPS. It is a must-have tech gift for summertime excursions. It can be challenging to navigate different locations, but with a reliable GPS, you are assured that you are heading in the right direction. There are many really good options such as the  Garmin GPSMAP 66i. It has comprehensive charting, two-way texting, and SOS features. Another option to check out is Suunto Traverse Alpha.

Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Are you creative and have multiple things to do simultaneously on your laptops. A portable laptop monitor extension improves productivity and easily connects to all laptops. The Mobile Pixels Trio/Trio Max, is our favorite with exceptional HD displays for multitasking. The Duex Float  can easily adjust with a 180-degree rotation.


Portable Solar Chargers

A  good-quality portable solar charger will keep your gadgets charged and helps with extended outdoor travel. These portable solar chargers are an ideal option for an off-the-beaten-path excursion with few power outlets. An example is the Anker PowerPort Solar, which has twin USB connections for quick charging. Another option is the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus.

Action Cameras

Want to make an impression give an action camera. These incredible tech gadgets can effectively record all the exciting events in high definition. are favorite is the GoPro HERO9 Black, which is an excellent GoPro action camera with 5K video and modern stabilization. With the option of twin displays, 4K HDR video, and RockSteady stabilization for fluid filming is DJI Osmo Action.


Wearable Tech

Lastly, a wearable technology that can offer various advantages like a fitness trackers and smartwatches. These presents help monitor your health, navigate paths, and measure fitness data. Garmin Fenix 6 and Apple Watch Series 7 are our picks.

Most travel lovers need the convenience of editing photos/videos, creating captivating content, and more. with a portable laptop monitor extender you have the world at your hands.

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A Weekend In The Hamptons



I started off my weekend in The Hampton’s at an event for Hamptons Social Magazine.

Ilene Smith and Roger Sichel

Erika Katz and her daughter

The event was at Zadig & Voltaire East Hampton. The beautiful jewlery by Stacy Engman, was highlighted.

Stacy Engman

We were treated to some delicious ice cream and wine.

Then our friend photographer, artist and festival producer, Roger Sichel had a showing of some of his art at at Romany Kramoris Gallery, 41 Main Street in Sag Harbor. We attended his opening

Roger is prolific in creativing experiences that span generations and genres. From creating one of New York’s first erotic film festivals with judges Andy Warhol, Gore Vidal and Milos Forman to producing rock concerts with the Doors, Four Seasons and Isaac Hayes nationwide, Roger identifies most as a cultural observer and photographic journalist. Sichel has now entered the next phase of his artistic career and is choosing to explore neo-pop mixed media, inspired by his own life, as well as current events, while simultaneously preserving the legacy of his work in photojournalism.

Ann Liguori

Ann Liguori

Ann Liguori

The next day we attended the book signing at Barnes and Nobles of  Ann Liguori, sports Radio and TV Personality. Ann is the author of a new book called “Life on the Green, Lessons & Wisdom from Legends of Golf.” Hopefully we will have her on “Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents,” because this book sounds fascinating.

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Maidstone, The Hampton’s And Norman Mailer



I use to be friends with a woman named Beverly Bently, she has since passed on. She was married to Norman Mailer. For years, I heard about the filming of “Maidstone,” that was filmed in The Hampton’s.

Roger Sichel

This weekend when my friend Roger Sichel said he was going to The Maidstone, I jumped at the chance. Finally I was going to be able to see one of the places the film took place and put the pieces together.

The hotel

The restaurant

They filmed in multiple locations. The Maidstone, itself is a hotel and restaurant that defies time.

The Hydrangeas that surround the property

Walking from the parking lot

What made “Maidstone” so interesting was that it was Mailer’s improvisational attempt to blur the line between documentary and reality. Mailer played a version of himself in the film, as a film director turned political candidate, Bentley his wife and Rip Torn was enlisted to play the director’s contentious brother. During the filming Torn and Mailer improved a brawl that ended up to be real. Torn hit Mailer with a hammer. Mailer responded by biting Torn’s ear. You can see the scene here. Part of the problem was a booze, as well as other substances that fueled an increasingly drawn out shoot in East Hampton, as Torn took method acting a step too far. Both actor’s actually had violent natures, which is highly documented.

Lounging and bikes, for the perfect summer relaxation

Inside elegant comfort

A dinning table to confer with friends

more elegance


cozy with a fireplace

more dinning choices

A table laden with brochures and unique gift items

Longing to soak up the sun with a garden view

Besides staying in the main house, you can stay in roomy cottages and you get your own dinning nook

The adorable cottages

It was nice coming full circle and seeing The Maidstone of today. It truly was a step back in time in so many ways.

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Royal Caribbean Names Meghan Trainor Godmother of Utopia of the Seas



Royal Caribbean has named GRAMMY-winning artist Meghan Trainor as the godmother of the new Utopia of the Seas.

The duo is celebrating the collab with an invitation for fans to see Trainor name the ultimate short getaway and perform live on a 3-night celebration just days before the new vacation’s official July 19 debut. The party kicks off in Port Canaveral, Florida, where Utopia will sail 3- and 4-night vacations to Royal Caribbean’s award-winning private destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay and Nassau, The Bahamas.

Until today, July 7, at 11:59 p.m. EDT, fans can enter for their chance to join the celebration and find the giveaway’s official rules on Royal Caribbean’s Instagram channel.

On deck for the 3-night cruise is one party after the next, from a live performance on Utopia by the “Timeless” singer while at Royal Caribbean’s award-winning private island destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas to the one-and-only naming party joined by the newly named godmother. It all takes place just days before the new vacation’s official July 19 debut in Port Canaveral (Orlando), Florida.

“It’s an incredible honor to join the Royal Caribbean family as godmother of Utopia of the Seas and set the tone for the parties to come,” said Meghan Trainor. “The best part is that we get to bring that weekend energy to the stage with my family and fans. What’s better than being on vacation with the people you love and dancing to your favorite music? Let’s make some beautiful memories and get this party started!”

Kicking off the 3-night celebration, Royal Caribbean and Trainor will officially name Utopia in the company of special guests, the ship’s crew members, media, partners and 52 fans – one for every weekend of the year – and their guests. Trainor, as godmother, will join a longstanding maritime tradition when she bestows safekeeping onto the ultimate short getaway, its crew and the millions who will vacation on Utopia for years to come. Keeping the party going will be Trainor’s exclusive show in the iconic open-air AquaTheater, and fans will also be able to slip behind the velvet ropes to meet the star in person.

“Utopia of the Seas is where making the most of the weekend and every moment are more than a state a mind, they’re a reality any day of the week. This is the short getaway that’s all about celebrations, celebrating friends, family and the memories you make together,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “Meghan embodies that in every way, from who she is to how she shares her music with the world, making her the perfect godmother to match Utopia’s big weekend energy. We’re thrilled to welcome her to the family and host a party of epic proportions fit for the ultimate short getaway.”

The celebration will set the tone for vacations on Utopia, welcoming adventurers to make more memories on short getaways than ever before with the first of its kind to debut with 3-night weekend and 4-night weekday vacationers. Friends and families can celebrate any occasion or just getting away their way with a lineup of experiences that brings unmatched weekend energy to the table. There’s everything from more than 40 ways to dine, drink and party, including a lineup of parties only on Utopia, two casinos and Royal Railway – Utopia Station, a first-of-its-kind immersive train car dining experience; to more pools than the days to count, thrills; show-stopping entertainment across air, ice, water and stage; and more.

For more information, please visit HERE.

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Broadway and Vine Brings Ariana DeBose, Darren Criss, Aaron Lazar, Shoshana Bean and Alan Cumming To Wine Country



Broadway and Vine, a nonprofit organization bringing the best of Broadway to the best of Wine Country, kicks off its 2024 season on July 9 and 10 at 7:30PM, with Academy Award® Winner Ariana DeBose (West Side Story, The Prom, Schmigadoon, Hamilton) at Carneros Resort Vineyard Lawn (4048 Sonoma Hwy, Napa, CA) in Napa Valley.

The vineyard concert series will continue throughout the summer at Tre Posti Vineyards (641 Main St, St Helena, CA) on July 25th at 7:30PM with Golden Globe, SAG, and Emmy Award® Winner Darren Criss (The Assassination of Gianni Versace, GLEE,  Broadway: Maybe Happy Ending, American Buffalo, Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Aaron Lazar (Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Last Ship, The Light In The Piazza, Les Misérables) on August 28 at 7:00PM  and Two-Time Tony Award® Nominee Shoshana Bean (Hell’s Kitchen, Mr. Saturday Night, Waitress) on September 23 at 6:30PM.

Closing out the season will be Tony Award® Winning Broadway icon Alan Cumming (The Traitors, The Good Wife, Cabaret, Macbeth, The Threepenny Opera) with the Bay Area premiere of his new solo show UNCUT at Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook (1991 St Helena Hwy, Rutherford, CA) on October 13 at 5:00PM.

Upcoming performers for Broadway and Vine include Jelani Remy (Back to the Future) and Abby Mueller (Six). Additional details will be announced at a later date.

Broadway and Vine was founded and is produced by Tony Award® nominee Jacob Langfelder (Alan Cumming Is Not Acting His Age, Sea Wall/A Life) with a mission to provide mentorship, masterclass and performance opportunities for students and pre-professional performing artists.

The concert series is paired with world class wineries and wines including Arietta, Chateau Montelena, Inglenook, Frog’s Leap, Lloyd Cellars, Prescription Vineyards, Tansy, Titus, and more. Chefs Nash Cognetti, Jeffrey Jake, and more will showcase their cuisine in the picturesque vineyard and resort settings.   Tickets begin at $95 and are on sale now at

Broadway and Vine was founded by Tony Award® nominee Jacob Langfelder (Alan Cumming Is Not Acting His Age, Sea Wall/A Life). Based in Napa Valley as a vineyard concert series, it launched in 2021 and quickly became a San Francisco Chronicle critics’ pick with concerts by Brooke Shields, Lea Michele, Tony Award® winners Sutton Foster and Beth Leavel, Jelani Remy, Christopher Sieber, Tony Yazbeck and more. Broadway and Vine is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to provide mentorship, masterclasses, and performance opportunities for students and pre-professional performing artists.

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