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5 Of the Best Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

5 Of the Best Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for several years, you’ve probably heard or read the term ‘side hustle’ online or in physical publications. Side hustles, also known as gigs, are jobs that working individuals can participate in on top of their current profession to generate additional income on top of the wage they bring home each month.

Usually, side hustles take the form of an activity that the individual is passionate about to turn their interest into monetary gain. Resulting in hundreds upon hundreds of people turning to side hustles for extra income to support themselves and their families during the rising cost of living in South Africa and other countries worldwide.

Individuals may have many reasons for taking up a side hustle, whether they would like to pursue a skill they wouldn’t be able to explore in their primary profession or seek a side hustle to relieve financial stress and many other reasons. Fortunately, there are numerous side hustles individuals can start today to start working towards their personal and professional goals, a few of which we list below – keep reading to discover more.

Playing Online Games

Unbeknownst to most gaming fans, you don’t have to be a Twitch or YouTube star to earn money by playing games online. Commonly used to alleviate boredom, you can turn your passion for video games into a potentially profitable side hustle if you invest the proper amount of time and skill into the activity.

Whether you’re just starting to show an interest in gaming or if you’ve shown an interest in video games your whole life, many people can take their love for gaming to the next level by monetising their fun and using the extra money to pad their bank account. Gamers can make part-time or full-time earnings from video games in various ways, whether participating in tournaments, getting sponsorships, or writing freelance reviews about games such as RPG games or slot games.

One of the most popular games to play for monetary gain are online casino games, such as card games, slot games and live dealer games. Find out more about online casino games you can play for cash by visiting online casino sites such as Jackpot. As well as hosting a range of games from slot games to card games for individuals to play, their site is also helpful for help and advice surrounding online gambling, catering to even the most seasoned players. For more insight, head to their website to see which online games are best for you to play for monetary rewards.

Driving For Ride-Share Platforms

If you live in a large town or city and you can drive, a side hustle that you should consider is driving for a ride-share platform such as Uber. The requirements for becoming a driver for a ride-share platform are straightforward, although it does vary depending on which platform you wish to join.

Generally, all you require to become a driver is a smartphone, a driver’s license, and a car in good working order. Once approved, you are ready to start earning money and expect to receive an average of £20 upwards per hour. Another critical factor in becoming a ride-share driver is customer service, as this is what’s going to get you the five-star ratings you need to continue receiving bookings.

You can increase your customer service by having a good knowledge of your chosen ride-share application and understanding how to use it, having a positive attitude when engaging with customers and outfitting your car with an AUX cord, charging lead, water bottles and any other things that will make your vehicle more comfortable for your riders.

Become A Host On Airbnb

 If you are fortunate enough to own multiple properties or have an unoccupied spare room in your existing property, another side hustle you could begin today is becoming an Airbnb host. The site is home to over 1,800 South African hosts and guests, highlighting how popular the side hustle has become worldwide.

Whether visitors to the site are looking to rent out their properties for a bit of passive income or searching for their next holiday spot, online marketplaces for lodging, homestays and vacation rentals are an excellent way for homeowners to earn extra money on their schedule and their own rules.

Unlike other ways of earning money through property rental, such as becoming a landlord etc., becoming a host on sites like Airbnb is a way of making rental yield without roping homeowners into lengthy rental contracts or other problems that can arise in tenant-landlord relationships. Hosting on Airbnb provides homeowners with a flexible approach to renting their additional property space, meaning that the hosts can decide how and when their property will be rented.

Since the property or room can be taken off the platform at any time, homeowners can control what periods their property is rented out and reserve it if they have friends or family members who need it etc. However, be warned that you will be responsible for the rental rules and daily rates of your property and for policing them too.

Creating A YouTube Channel

Due to the hype that YouTube creators receive today, this suggestion may sound too good to be true for most. But the fact is that all the most recognisable YouTube personalities started somewhere. Once they found their niche and discovered their audience, they slowly but surely gained the success their renown for today.

Like speaking on a podcast or blogging, YouTube is another popular side hustle that individuals can start immediately. To begin, all you need is a good internet connection, lighting, a microphone, and a video camera of reasonable quality. Once you’ve got those items, all you need to focus on is creating high-quality content delivered consistently.

Although YouTube is by far a get-rich-quick scheme, due to all the hard work that creators must put into making their channels successful, it is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative ways of making money. Once you’ve gathered a reasonable audience, you can start monetising your content in various ways, which will cause your earnings to grow.

Some of the most recognisable ways of making money via a YouTube channel are through affiliate marketing, completing sponsored videos for companies or using companies such as AdSense. As your channel grows, your older monetised videos will become a recurring source of income as more people start to discover your account.

Start A Baking Business

If you have a passion for cooking (or baking) and are talented at the hobby, you could consider starting a baking business. Providing that you’re creating sweet treats regularly, you could be earning a reasonable amount of money that you could retail via farmers’ markets, social media, delivery, or a collection-only service.

To start spreading the word about your baking business, you could join school bake sales or farmers’ markets, where you can hand out business cards and leaflets or exchange social media information in hopes of getting return customers. Or, providing that you have a car, you could start up a delivery or a home-collection-only service for your baked goods. On the other hand, you could ask local bakeries if they will sell your goods on your behalf for a small percentage of the overall price.

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