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5 Pet Care Trends Every Owner Should Know About

5 Pet Care Trends Every Owner Should Know About

In 2017, the US pet industry reached a staggering $86 billion and its growth trajectory is still going strong this year, thanks to more people embracing the joy of having pets in their homes. For many, taking care of a pet brings so many benefits—from reducing stress and depression to improving immunity and lowering the risks of stroke and heart attack.  This is why it comes as no surprise that almost every pet care product gets sold quickly in the market. Pet owners just want the best for their beloved furry friends.

If you’re one of those pet owners constantly looking for new innovations that will help you in taking care of your pet, here are five pet care trends that you should know about:

  1. It is All about Going Natural

Consumers are now more eager than ever to provide the best products to their pets to keep them healthy and happy. This year, it’s all about going natural and pet care companies are releasing products geared towards health and wellness. Pet owners are looking for pet care products that are free from certain ingredients just like they would with products they personally use. In dog food, for instance, pet owners are steering away from those that have GMOs, fillers, corn, artificial colors and preservatives.

Consumers are also buying products where grain is not the primary ingredient. Pet foods containing multiple proteins are also gaining more following since protein is an integral part of a good canine or feline diet.

  1. No More Mess

Pets will have some health issues at some point, but two of the most problematic for owners are incontinence and excitement urination that could create a huge mess at home. While diapers were the only product available to solve this problem, pet owners now have the option to use washable belly bands that were designed for male dogs who are spot marking, puppies that are not trained yet and elderly dogs with incontinence or excitement urination issues. These premium products are quick and easy to put on, are made from sturdy materials and are comfortable to wear for dogs. Visit Pet Parents for more information on these products.

  1. It is the Time of the Vet Techs 

Veterinary technicians have been around for many years but never got the same recognition as other medical practitioners. This is about to change, however, with the growing concern of pet owners for the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. Today, veterinary technicians are getting the understanding, appreciation and investment that they deserve. Veterinary nurses are also making their way into the industry, which sees a promising future for pet healthcare.

  1. Pet Care Is Going High Tech

Technology has not only influenced the way people buy pet products, it’s also changing the types of products that’s being released in the market today. For instance, it’s now easy for pet owners to track their pet’s physical activity and health with Fitbit-style pet wearables. There is also the Furbo 2-way camera that notifies pet owners if their dogs are barking or being active.

In the medical arena, on the other hand, advanced technologies like stereotactic radiosurgery and stem cell therapy are now available for pets. Advancements in veterinary medicine are also geared towards integrating preventive care, proper nutrition and natural medicine to provide pets a better quality of life.

  1. E-commerce Is the Way to Go

More shoppers are going online these days and that includes buying products for their pets. In a recent survey by Packaged Facts, 37% of online pet shoppers admit to buying pet products online more than they used to with 14% of them making a purchase within the last seven days. With the convenience of online shopping, the wide variety of products available in e-commerce sites and the many promotions that owners can take advantage of including lower shipping costs, it is no surprise that pet owners are now finding online shopping a better way to buy products for their beloved furry friends.

As the year wraps up, we can only look forward to more innovations in the pet care industry in 2019. But one thing’s for sure, pets are now getting the love and care that they truly deserve.

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