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5 Pressure Cleaning Safety Tips

5 Pressure Cleaning Safety Tips

Pressure washers can easily turn into dangerous equipments, causing harm to you and even resulting into severe injuries. Cases of pressure washers causing extreme harm are quite common but can be avoided by undertaking necessary precaution. Perhaps it would be wise to highlight that pressure washer are by no means toy gadgets to play around with. They do a lot of good in our homes and offices but can be a cause of long-term regrettable dangers. Due to the high amount of pressure water injection by these machines, it is easy for them to tear through causing deep wounds. Below are a few safety tips to keep you out of danger when using pressure washers.

1.    Know your equipment by reading the manual

Quite often, the dangers we face when using equipment are a result of minor mistakes that are avoidable if we read the instructions on the manual. We tend to add the manual to our home/office library or throw it into the bin as soon as we unwrap the equipment. 

The manual should clearly explain and demonstrate through pictures how various parts are attached to each other to make the machine functional. It also directs you on how to handle the machine while in use or not in use e.g. how to direct to add your water or power the machine. While these instructions sound simple, failure to follow them can lead to far-reaching problems. MKL Pressure Cleaning Brisbane advises that you read the stickers on the equipment and its components for more information such as the amount of electric power needed for various components. Read the manual back to front and refer to it when in doubt 

2.    Wear Protective Clothing

A common mistake that people make is using their pressure washers without wearing the necessary protective gear. You will find people on barefoot or in a pair of shots using pressure washers for various uses. This is dangerous! What safety gear do you need?

Boots: Knee-length boots will keep your feet safe. First, you keep your feet dry while avoiding lashes from by the pressure water.

Glooves : Besides protective your hands, a pair of gloves will also ensure that you have a firm grip on the handle. In this case, you are better positioned to control the direction of your equipment.

Wear an overall or long pants: This will keep further protect your legs from water that lashes back as you spray and also protect you from debris that may be thrown around by the high pressure of water.

Safety Glasses: Keep your eyes safe, please! If this high pressure can cause such harm to your skin what could it do to your eyes? Protect your eyes from dirty water and debris by wearing safety glasses.

3.    Evaluate the underlying dangers and hazards.

Before you use your equipment, look around for obstacles that may hamper your movement around such as those that will trip on. As you embark on your washing, bear in mind that your surface will become slippery and it is important to know how to plan your movement from one point to the other.

At the same time, give consideration to electrical installations such as sockets to avoid directing pressure water their way.

This also applies to plants around your washing area. They can hinder your movement just s much as you can cause harm to them.

4.    Engage the Safety Latch when the machine isn’t in use

On the gun of your pressure washer around where your hand grips on, there is a latch that sort of keeps the gun “on” and “off”. Its main purpose is to ensure that your machine doesn’t only works when you direct it. It, therefore, helps you to engage your washer only when you are ready to. Keep the latch on”safe mode” when your machine is not in use to avoid unintended engagement. This small lever moves forward or backward unintentionally. Make a habit of engaging it often especially when you are not using your pressure washer.

5.    Depressurize your washer when you are done cleaning

There is still pressure left in your washer even when you are done using it. It is advisable that you squeeze the trigger and release any pressure remaining before dethatching the hose, the spray gun, and the nozzle. This will caution you from injuring your hand with the remaining pressure as you disassemble your equipment.

 Although different manufacturers will have specifications guiding you on how to use these equipment, these general guidelines can keep you safe and even help your pressure washer to last longer. Primarily, steps to guard your safety are easy and simple to follow at all times. Do not leave your pressure washer running unattended while it is on. Even if you expect to be away for just a short moment, switch off your washer as this will also save water.


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