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5 Questions to Ask When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

5 Questions to Ask When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Are you excited about remodeling your kitchen? The kitchen is often the busiest part of a home, so you need to plan carefully to ensure that this home improvement project meets your needs. There are a ton of aesthetic options to consider, but don’t forget to factor in the kitchen’s functionality as well. The following five questions should help you and the designer come up with the best kitchen remodeling ideas.

1) Will I cook and entertain in the kitchen?

Some people only use the kitchen for cooking while others consider it as an important place for entertaining guests. Which group do you belong to? As an entertainment area, you may want a more spacious kitchen layout. A stovetop and a sink are nice additions, although they may influence the other work areas in the kitchen. If you want utmost privacy when cooking, a smaller kitchen should do just fine. You can also use a layout that integrates the kitchen with the living area or the backyard.

2) Who will be using the kitchen?

Are you the only one who will cook in the kitchen? Or perhaps you’re living with several family members who will work in the kitchen at the same time? Considering the people who will use the kitchen is a major decision in kitchen remodeling. You may have to use a layout with multiple workstations, providing enough room for several people to work simultaneously. Also, consider whether you want to seat everyone on the island or a separate dining table is necessary.

3) Do I eat a lot of packaged items or fresh food?

This is something a lot of homeowners fail to consider when remodeling their kitchen. If you’re the type of person who feasts on fresh food most of the time, then your kitchen should have more countertop surfaces and prep stations. If you live primarily on frozen meals and packaged items, then you need more storage space.

4) Do I need any bulky equipment?

Before the renovation even begins, you need to figure out whether you need any bulky equipment such as an oven. If you’re into baking, for instance, you may want a dedicated station for making bread. The last thing you want is for your kitchen layout to be all planned out and realize too late that you need to add specialized equipment, potentially costing you a lot of money.

5) Do I want countertop appliances hidden?

One of the biggest trends these days is keeping appliances stashed away when not in use. But if you want your appliances to be easily accessible, this may not be necessary. Work with your designer to come up with a plan on where exactly to place your kitchen gadgets and appliances, particularly if you want them to be hidden. You may also want to use rollout drawers inside the cabinets so you wouldn’t have to bend over every time you need to use appliances.

Answering these five questions should guide you through the planning process and enable your designer to have a clearer picture of what kitchen best fits your needs. To help you keep even more money in your pocket, learn more straight from the experts.


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