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5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Supplements

5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Supplements

The supplement industry continues to grow in popularity every year. That’s because vitamin supplements are a great way to keep healthy all year round. Protein and fitness supplements, in turn, sell themselves as muscle-building or good for recovery.

However, not all supplements are right for everyone. If you’re trying to find the best supplements for you, here are five questions to ask yourself about the products you’re interested in:

1) Completely Plant-Based?

The increase in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles among consumers makes this question important. With the advances in compound isolation and synthesis, fewer reasons remain for not producing vegan supplements.

Whenever you look for supplements, make sure to ask whether the product is plant-based or not. Products like LifeInfused cleanse supplements assure users that its supplements are non-GMO and vegan. 

2) Food or Non-Food?

Do you need a food or non-food supplement? Do you need to add nutrients to your diet through the supplement, or are you looking for different advantages? 

Protein powders fall into the food category. As popular supplements to enhance muscle growth and recovery, protein powder adds to the natural amino acids you get from your regular diet.

On the other hand, things like caffeine and creatine can be ingested outside your regular diet for particular performance reasons. These supplements help athletic and mental performances when used correctly.

Knowing whether you need a food or non-food supplement comes from understanding what you need to add to your diet.

3) Proprietary Blend?

Unfortunately, not all supplements help customers in the way that they claim. Many supplements produced with a generic blend of nutrients provide little to no benefit when taken.

Companies can hide their ingredients from you by using the term ‘proprietary blend’. When they claim this ‘proprietary blend’ they hide from you the exact amounts of nutrients that go into supplements, so you don’t really know what you’re taking.

So when considering buying a supplement, check if it includes a proprietary blend. If it does, try and find one that lists the ingredients in full.

4) Do You Need B12?

If you don’t eat any animal products you may need B12 supplements. B12 is a natural byproduct of animal foods, and unfortunately, plants do not create it. However, vegan B12 supplements are now common enough to find anywhere.

The general decrease in animal product consumption and the increase in the vegan lifestyle makes B12 a priority for many people. It can promote healthy nerves and blood cells in the body, as well as prevent certain types of anaemia.

5) Vitamin D from Sunlight?

One of the most popular supplements is vitamin D, which people are attracted to if they feel like they don’t spend enough time outdoors.

Vitamin D promotes calcium and phosphates in our bodies, which leads to healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. We might think we’re getting enough of this powerful resource from the foods we eat and tanning sessions outside, but our bodies need more vitamin D than you think.

You can get a quality dose of vitamin D from the sun. However, because a lot of people spend more time indoors, it may be necessary to try vitamin D pills and see if it improves your overall health.

As with any health decision, consulting your doctor and looking at your diet and lifestyle remain vital. Eating a well-rounded healthier diet can obviate the need for these pills.

However, supplements will help boost certain nutrients and vitamins if taken regularly. Remember to ask these questions as you browse through options to find the perfect one for you!


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