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5 Reasons Clunky Ecommerce Sites Lose Sales

5 Reasons Clunky Ecommerce Sites Lose Sales

There are inherently winners and losers in the world of ecommerce. Sometimes, this is because one brand is superior to its competitors. Other times, stores fail due to inept websites. An aspect of the business you can control in every way, there’s no excuse for neglecting it. Here are five reasons clunky ecommerce sites lose sales.

You Aren’t Equipped for Mobile Commerce

Mobile compatibility is non-negotiable in today’s world of ecommerce. Each year, more and more consumers make purchases on their smartphones. It’s estimated that mobile commerce could make up as much as 45 percent of all U.S. ecommerce dollars spent by the year 2020.

People already use mobile devices more than desktop computers to look at retail sites—though actual money spent is still about 85 percent done on a desk. Even in the current environment, where mobile ecommerce is on the upswing, you will lose a lot of business if your online store doesn’t work on mobile devices.

You Have a Weak Ecommerce Provider or Plan

Ecommerce platforms can differ significantly in terms of quality. If you are looking for an enterprise ecommerce solution, it’s wise to go with a provider offering several plan levels. This will allow your business to quickly scale. There are a few things to look for when deciding on a premium ecommerce store plan:

  • Low Downtime: You can’t afford to lose customers because your store is down. You will lose both sales and loyalty if this is a common pattern with your site. Make sure your ecommerce provider guarantees at least 99.9 percent uptime—especially at premium levels.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Most stores aren’t going to experience major bandwidth issues. However, if you’re running a big sale, or it’s an online shopping holiday, your site could be slowed significantly if you have bandwidth restrictions.
  • No Transaction Limits: Some ecommerce providers set a limit on how many transactions you can make over a given time period—usually monthly. If you’re planning for a lot of sales, you need an ecommerce package with no transaction limits.

Bad Links

People will quickly grow frustrated with your site if your links go to unexpected places. Every time you post an item to your inventory, or make a blog post, make sure your links actually go to the correct URL.

Confusing Pages and Menus

Along with bad links, confusing pages and menus are logistical nightmares for your ecommerce store. Avoid making shoppers spend time trying to figure out how to buy from your site. Be extremely clear in the naming and labeling of all pages and menus. If you don’t, people will bounce out of your store to look for products on a user-friendlier site.

Slow Load Times

The time it takes your pages to load plays a huge role in the success of your online store. Only 35 percent of people surveyed by Kissmetrics would wait longer than 15 seconds for a page to load. About half of the people responding said they will only wait 10 seconds or less. This means you can’t afford to have a slow site. Google will also rank your page lower in its organic search results if it sees your site is slow. The bottom lines? A slow website will lose you sales.

There are many reasons an ecommerce store might not make it. These are five of the top reasons clunky ecommerce sites lose sales. Happily, it’s easy to avoid them in order to have a more successful site.


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