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5 Reasons to Install Air Purifiers in Your Office

5 Reasons to Install Air Purifiers in Your Office

With the air pollution reaching an all-time high in recent years, many company owners are deciding to do something about the air quality in their offices. Most of them are choosing to install air purifiers to help their employees do their job better. There are many benefits that come with installing air cleaners – read on to learn about five reasons you should get them for your office.

They improve air quality

The first one is a no-brainer, but it is important to note that by investing in an air purifier you actually make sure that you’re breathing quality air. The air in your office can be of much lower quality than the air outside. Even though there can be a lot of traffic outside, indoor spaces may contain even more dust particles and harmful toxins. Indoor spaces allow those particles to accumulate, and their number will only grow if we don’t do anything about it. Therefore, consider installing an air purifier in your workspace to ensure you and your employees are filling your lungs with purified air. 

They increase productivity and focus

Having employees that are fully engaged in their tasks is crucial in order to avoid wasting time and money. Increased productivity means that less time is spent on tasks due to increased focus, which results in a better quality of work. Spare your employees the hassle of having an itchy nose or eyes due to the allergens in the air. By installing an air purifier, you’re making sure that there are no allergens present, and you’ll also be reducing the level of pollutants indoors, which means higher oxygen levels. Better oxygen levels will increase the performance of the employees and make them feel more motivated to fulfill their goals for the day. Of course, only the best air purifiers can guarantee to boost employees’ productivity to the maximum.

They improve the overall health of your employees

Healthy employees are happy employees, and it’s very important to invest in your workers’ health since they are the beating heart of your business. The healthy appearance of your employees can even result in better customer engagement and the energy your workers convey will create a persona for your business, thus resulting in an overall improvement of your corporate image. And let’s face it – no one wants to see their most valuable employees taking sick days off due to an illness that could’ve been prevented. Air purifiers help your workers stay healthy, which translates to less sick days and spending less on health insurance.  

They help with respiratory problems

What this means is that a person who is suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma will find it easier to manage their condition once the air purifier is installed, and have lower chances of suffering from infections caused by bacteria and viruses that may be present in the air.   However, that doesn’t mean a challenged worker has to be closest to the device. One of the common myths about air purifiers is the claim that they are only effective when you’re near them. Contrary to popular belief, every air purifier has a rating in cubic feet per minute, which means it will clean the room to its fullest capacity. Therefore, when choosing an air purifier for your office, make sure its CADR rating fits the square footage of your workspace in order to provide clean air in the entire office. 

They help your office equipment last longer

There are numerous benefits of air purifiers when it comes to your health, but did you know that they can actually extend the life of your office equipment, too? As a matter of fact, poor air quality is one of the reasons why your appliances don’t last long – dust particles clog your PC’s fans and block air flow. And if that is what poor air quality does to electronics, imagine what it can do to your lungs? Also, carpets and furniture will fade faster due to dust particles present in the air, so installing an air purifier seems like a logical solution. It will save your office furniture from going to a landfill too soon and it is much cheaper to maintain an air purification system than having to renovate and replace your office furniture every couple of years.  

There are many advantages to having air purifiers installed in your office. From improving the health of your employees to helping your office equipment last longer, air purifiers are a great investment for you, your employees and your company’s image.


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