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5 Shortcuts to Save Time On Your Social Media Process

5 Shortcuts to Save Time On Your Social Media Process

Social media is becoming an ever-increasing part of both company and personal marketing strategies. However, there are only so many hours in the day, most of which is spent of vital aspects such as finances, human resources and sales.

A lot of people are asking the question, “How can we create a great social media presence on a small time budget?”. Luckily this article will divulge the secret and getting your followers the best content in the shortest amount of time.







Create a Posting Schedule/Calender

This is such a simple tasks that will saves you hours straight off the bat. Analyse which platforms you want to be present on, analyse what hours your audience is likely to be online (most social media management tools tell you this) and then starting filling those slots with content!

Use a Scheduling Tool

The only realistic way of managing multiple social media accounts is to have a browser based social media scheduler. This way you can stick to your agreed posting schedule and not have to worry about having to go online to post at those times. You just upload your content once and then sit back as the tool does the rest.







Schedule On the Go

Sometimes we come up with inspiration and the most random of times. Frustratingly, it is often when we are away from our computer desks. The solution? Schedule your content on the go, with apps. Nearly all social media tools have this functionality.

The added bonus is if you have some down time (such as waiting for a plane or train) you can quickly open up the app and get to work and even use photos and video from your phone to create great posts.

Sign up to RSS feeds

Do you ever find yourself sharing more and more content from the same large media websites? They all have something called an RSS feed. This means you get a notification every time they release a new piece of content.

With an RSS feed you are the first to know and you can share it with your followers first, showing your authority on the subject, which can lead to an increase in followers who are on the hunt for the freshest content. A lot of social media tools have this built into their app, so you don’t even have to divert from your usual scheduling to find the posts.

Re-Use Your Best-Performing Content

Had a post that’s gone viral? Viral doesn’t have to mean it’s reached millions of people, it may be the case that everyone in you industry have seen it and is talking about it leading to a massive increase in exposure.

Well why not post it again but instead of just re-posting old content put a new spin on it, take on a new angle and use a different piece of media or content to make the same point as the original post. You will be surprised at how well this tactic works, and of course it saves you heaps of time thinking about what to post next.

Hopefully, you can now take a few of these tips and implement them into your own social media strategy. Remember, saving time is crucial as it’s the one resource we can never get more of, so always make the most of the time you do have to spend on social media.


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