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5 Simple Ways to Impress Your Co-workers When You’re the Boss

5 Simple Ways to Impress Your Co-workers When You’re the Boss

To put it simply, co-workers are a tough crowd. Since a common workplace is usually very competitive, it is hard to find people who you can actually be friends with. On the other hand, some of the strongest bonds are formed at the workplace, especially because you are interested in the same sphere of work and work in the same industry. We’ve made a list of 5 strategies you can employ to get along with your employees better.

Shower Them With Compliments 

Notice little things people change about their looks or outfits. They will feel flattered that you paid attention to some details most people ignore. This is a great way to start a conversation or find a common interest. You don’t want to brag about your possessions if people don’t notice it, so remain humble at work and co-workers will appreciate it more and sooner or later start perceiving you as one of them. 

Listen Carefully

Listen to what people have to say. Don’t ask them twice about the colleges they went to or where they’re from, because they will think that is rude. Especially, pay attention not to forget their names. Colleagues at work are particularly sensitive to name forgetting. You can look like you don’t care about the people at work, if you can’t make an effort to remember and pronounce the names properly even after a few times you’ve heard it. 

Be a True Leader 

People love when someone takes the initiative and shows them that they are important. For example, organizing a weekly lunch where you discuss what can be improved, or squash differences, can affect the work dynamics in the office and strengthen your relationship as a team. Like a true leadership coach, who guides the people and helps them realize their full potential, assert dominance and earn respect from your colleagues.

Offer Help

Let them know they can count on you. Even if you are not sure how to solve a problem, just being there and helping the team will make a difference. Don’t isolate yourself and wait for them to ask for help. It doesn’t necessarily mean to help them at work, but also if they are experiencing some kind of troubles at home, they should know that you are the person they can talk to without hesitation

Gossip is Forbidden

Avoid listening to gossip. When a person talks badly about someone to you, they are probably bad-mouthing you too, just with someone else. Different speculations and unverified information can only cloud your judgement. If you hurt someone’s feelings and break the trust you worked so hard on getting, it will be very hard to restore it. Talk to the employee who is spreading lies, and like a true leader, explain the consequences of this behaviour. 

It feels amazing if you are happy to go to work because you can see your friends there. However, does having friends at work increase your productivity or distract you from doing your job? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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