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5 Smart Reasons Why New Families Should Consider Settling Down in Texas

5 Smart Reasons Why New Families Should Consider Settling Down in Texas

There are few decisions more daunting than figuring out where to settle down as a family.

Think about it. Deciding where to set your roots has big-picture implications not only on your own career, but the long-term livelihood of your kids.

And so parents rightfully rack their brains for the perfect place to call “home.”

Here’s the deal though: the Lone Star State makes a strong case for being one of friendliest, if not the friendliest, for new families looking for a fresh start and long-term happiness.

How so? Well, we’re here to make the case that Texas ticks all of the boxes of what new families are looking for. Below is a quick breakdown of what makes Texas such an attractive place to raise a family and what prospective residents have to look forward to.

Fast Growing Cities and a Booming Economy

Texas has managed to cement itself as a hub of high-paying job thanks to a number of booming industry and cities to support that growth.

From high-tech to oil and gas, the state’s major cities provide tons of opportunities for those looking to get a jumpstart on their careers. In fact, San Antonio is Texas’ fastest-growing city and is a prime place to settle down for those looking beyond the likes of Austin, Houston or Dallas.

Beyond the major cities themselves, the surrounding suburbs (think: Katy outside of Houston) provide affordable options that are a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city while still offering a reasonable commute. This provides residents a sort of “best of both worlds” between job opportunities and quieter neighborhoods.

If there’s a particular city you’re scouting, chances are there’s tons to do. Finding a vacation package to San Antonio or any other potential spot to settle down can give you a taste of Texas living.

Texas’ Tax Benefits

This might seem like a small detail but is definitely something worth noting for families looking to maximize their earning potential.

In short, Texas represents one of the seven states with no income tax. This can help keep some much-needed money in your pocket as you think about expenses such as mortgage payments or simply building up your child’s college fund. Living in the South traditionally means a lower cost of living, with Texas’ lack of a state income tax being a welcome added bonus.

Great In-State Schools

Speaking of college, Texas is home to a number of top universities in terms of both academics and affordability. The ability to score in-state tuition is a huge plus for parents looking to ensure that their children get a quality education without breaking the bank.

Some of the top colleges in Texas worth noting include the likes of Rice University, Texas A&M and, of course, the University of Texas. Bear in mind that UT boasts a number of branch and satellite campuses throughout the state as well. No matter where you wind up in Texas, chances are there’s a top school nearby.

No Shortage of Entertainment Options

In short, Texas residents don’t need to worry about being bored.

If you love the great outdoors, there are tons of trails in the urban areas and more remote state parks for those who consider themselves seasoned hikers.

Sports-lovers are likewise spoiled for choice. Each of the city’s major metro areas boast professional, college and amateur sports teams aplenty. That’s not to mention world-class sporting facilities, including Dallas’ absolutely epic AT&T Stadium.

Oh, and let’s not forget musical acts. Austin has its own awesome music scene locally, but looking at some upcoming concerts in Texas gives you an idea of the sorts of names the Lone Star State is able to attract.

Location, Location, Location

Spoiler alert: Texas is massive.

And likewise, there are tons of places to enjoy getaway within the state which feel totally different from each other. Comparing the likes of Austin to Dallas is apples and oranges, after all.

This spells good news for families who want to enjoy a weekend getaway without ever crossing state lines.

Want to spend some time in the city? Want to rough it? You’ve got options!

Also, the state’s central location is a nice touch for road-trippers and families who want to attract visitors. The state is highly accessible thanks to its many airports and major cities.

Here’s a bottom line: although no two families and their needs are the same, there’s a strong case to be made for the Lone Star State for folks from all walks of life.

Between Texas’ affordability and career opportunities to its sheer natural beauty and beyond, there’s a reason why so many new families are choosing to settle down here. Why not stop by for yourself to see what Texas is all about: chances are you won’t be disappointed!



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