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5 Steps to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

Social media marketing strategies are must-haves when putting together a solid marketing plan. It is a summary of all the things you wish to do and accomplish across social media. It is a blueprint that guides your actions. It confirms if you are failing at your attempts of succeeding. 

Everything you do should serve a purpose. Everything you do should be calculated, thought out and executed in an effective way. Your plan of action should always be concise, and broken down levels deep without being unattainable. 

Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

1) Set Goals that make sense

You can’t create a solid strategy if you have no idea what your goals and objectives are. Setting goals means being able to measure your success, as well as return on investment.

Every goal that you set should be relevant to your business, easy to reach, specific, and time-bound. You should also be able to measure your goals so that you understand what’s working and what’s not. 

2) Learn your audience

Knowing who your customer is means knowing exactly what they want to see on social media. It allows you to create content that converts, content that is shareable, and content that turns leads into loyal customers. 

Creating buyer personas is a great way to connect with potential customers and understand that they all have real needs. 

Learning your customer also helps you as a business gather real-life data that provides valuable information about who your followers are, which language they speak and where they live. It will also give you insight into how they interact with your brand. 

3) Watch Your Competitors

The name of the game is researching your competitors. Without this information, your 2020 marketing strategy will be done in vain. Researching, and watching allows you to understand what your competitors are doing, as well as who they are. Knowing what customers expect will help you create your own social targets. 

Analyzing your competition will showcase weak spots and areas where their marketing efforts are failing. This will allow you to come in and make an opportunity out of a failing marketing attempt. 

Also, researching will allow you to figure out which platform isn’t currently being dominated when it comes to your industry. The underserved platform is an opportunity for you to step in and serve people who aren’t being marketed to. 

When you are analyzing your competition, you want to pay attention to the whispers. Social listening and monitoring mean watching what other companies in your industry is doing so that you can do it better. 

4) Audit your Social Media

Most times a business has already created a few social accounts. Instead of continuously posting content, do an audit. Take a look at what you have already done, then take a look at the results. 

-Did you accomplish anything?

-Is What you’re doing working?

-Who are you connecting with?

-Is your target audience engaging with your content?

Having this information means that you are moving in the right direction when it comes to improving your overall strategy. You must know what purpose is being served when it comes to your social accounts. If you are unsure about the purpose then you might want to think about using a different platform. 

It might be smart to actually go through the platform and figure out how your audience is engaging with your kind of content. Is your audience even using the platform, and if so is the platform strong enough for you to accomplish your goals. 

5) Create and Improve

There are so many companies who believe that they should be on every single social platform. While this is far from the truth, you still should be on more than one. Determine which ones will serve you best, as well as how to effectively use them so that you are getting the most out of your experience.

Learning the platforms you will use will help you keep the focus. It will create boundaries when it comes to how you execute your social strategy, posts and content. 

Once you’ve created the accounts you want to use, the next step is to optimize, optimize, optimize. Your companies profile should be completely filled out. It should always use keywords people search for, and you should understand the imagery and sizes for each network.

Successful people write things down. They create solid plans and execute them one goal at a time. This method of success shouldn’t be any different when creating an effective social media strategy in 2020.

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