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5 things an injured person should do to get claim

5 things an injured person should do to get claim

In industries or workplace, accidents are common and a lot of them suffer a work injury one’s in the work period. Even after this incident, most of them tend to be lot of confused regarding the further steps that’s needed to be taken. Even the harsh truth is that, sadly employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies don’t always give injured workers the proper guidance in order to claim and request the benefits that is written in laws. So with much researches data, here we got a list of steps for injured workers in order to give them the proper guidance:

  1. Report the work injury to your employer– The first step you need to do is reporting the injuries to the employer without any delay. As per laws, it is mandatory for the worker to report the injuries within 30 days. However, it is always wise to inform sooner as it is always better than informing it later. Even if you find hard to deal with the legal matters, you may appoint an attorney in such cases. Even in case if you meet with other accidents in this period of time, the company will hold no responsibility to pay the expenses for the further loss in the accident. So it is highly advised to first report the complete information regarding your accident to higher authority of the company and even cross-check the necessary steps they are willing to take.  
  • Call the Injured Workers’ Law Firm – If the injuries are pretty serious injuries, this may affect your hospitals bills which could prove to be much high. Let’s talk about the worst case scenario in which insurance company will try to avoid paying your expenses as a matter of fact that it is very costly. Well in this case an attorney may prove to be beneficial. Often it is seen that having an attorney in your case increases the chances that you receive compensation for all your current and future medical costs related to that injury. Even some of the firms can help injured workers determine whether it would be appropriate to hire an attorney for their situation or if they just need some guidance and helpful information on how to file paperwork with the Commission.
  • Report the injury to the insurance carrier – At the time of accidents or mishap it is often advises to report your injury to the insurance company. But sometimes, it’s often seen that insurance companies try to keep the premiums down, as well as encourage the injured workers to handle things on their own. Well if we talk about compensation claims in Virginia, the rules are strict and even the insurance company has to provide up with medical treatment that the patient needs as a result of your work injury caused. 
  • Get medical treatment – The important foremost step is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This step needs to very quick in order to avoid dangerous infections in case of cut/bleeding. Even first aid must be given to the worker just after the accident, as it will reduce the potential of high blood loss. Even the doctor needs to confirm whether your current symptoms or condition is a result of any work injury or not. If in case the doctors have prescribed you for some kind of rest or restriction, make sure you get a work status note in writing from the doctor or health organisation.
  • File a Claim for Benefits with Compensation Commission –Even if nothing is working according to proper rules and regulation, you can also report your incident to workers commission. Let’s take an example of Virginia: In order to claim your rights that are recognized by the State, you need to file Claim for Benefits through the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. This is a very important step and needs to be done even if the insurance is paying you for your medical expenses. Even facilities like lifetime medical assurance or even lost wage benefits can be claimed through the Worker’s compensation Commission within the span of 2 year.  You we kindly request you, not to do this costly mistake!


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