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5 Tips for A Successful Linkedin Plan

5 Tips for A Successful Linkedin Plan

Creating an editorial plan on LinkedIn means to get different results, it is assumed better than those who improvise their activity. Obviously, such a work is not synonymous with success because the correlated factors are many. And difficult to predict.

On the other hand, LinkedIn can be managed as any content marketing activity. So, you have to individual a target audience, goals to achieve and content to match everything. Attracting an audience aligned to your business project.

With a schedule of speeches and publications, it’s clear, everything becomes much easier to manage. Here is a small guide to follow to create a good editorial plan with LinkedIn.

To whom you address: define the target

This is the essential point to clarify to start any post scheduling activity on LinkedIn. The contents (texts, images, photos, videos) that you decide to publish must always be designed to intercept and satisfy a specific target. Useful for your marketing purposes.

The effectiveness of your work on this platform, as for any other publishing reality on the web, is linked to the adherence between what you publish and the needs of those who follow you. Therefore, before starting your editorial plan on LinkedIn, you need to create buyers’ personas for your personal account.

That is to say, ideal-ideal representations able to imagine the groups of interest you want to welcome. To obtain this result you can cross data coming from internal and external statistics, like Google Analytics and Facebook Insight. But they are not enough.

Then there are the results of the keyword research that help to create clusters of keywords able to describe behaviors, attitudes and needs of the potential public.

What goals to reach with LinkedIn

The next reflection concerns the results you want to cash out with a good activity on this social. You know that we are talking about a platform dedicated to professional relationships, and you have to think in terms of useful opportunities for your business. Which goals do you aim for?

What to get with an editorial plan on LinkedIn? You can work on personal branding, building a name in an environment where customers and employers are located. Alternatively, operate on lead generation with interventions able to attract contacts to be included in certain lists.

The next step? Reach email with newsletter or DEM. In any case, this step must always be clear to ensure that the contents you publish are effective. LinkedIn launches its Live-Streaming “LinkedIn Live

Profile, page, community or LinkedIn Pulse

This is a very important question because the platform offers a series of channels to publishers with different characteristics. For example, you can have an editorial line for posts on your personal profile, a different one for the company page. Another solution can be implemented for work on LinkedIn Pulse, the internal blog that allows you to create real articles.

On the other hand, the presence of possible participations in the thematic groups should be evaluated. In short: the editorial calendar must evaluate which food solution. What works on an individual’s account can be superfluous on a corporate resource or in a community, and vice versa. Without forgetting that for Pulse the dynamics are still different. 

What content to publish on this social?

In addition to the differences between the various channels of LinkedIn you have to manage content in the strict sense. What to publish? You can insert deepening links to your company blog or just as interesting sources, taking advantage of a good job of content curation because you are not the only useful source.

Fake here? No, it works well with images, graphics, summary schemes. Do not forget that there is the possibility to publish native videos and sponsored posts. The interesting idea, at least from my point of view, is to organize the editorial calendar in order to manage all the channels.

Image source: Best-Practice-Content-Marketing-Linkedin

Obviously considering the available resources, valuing different points and trying to understand what are the contents that are able to obtain the best possible results. According to the graphics:

  • Images and infographics work well on LinkedIn.
  • The links in the posts work very well on the engagement.
  • Sponsorships and YouTube have fewer interesting results.

We need to add a fundamental point, that is the possibility and need to manage multiple communication channels. If you do not have the time and resources to feed a company page, group, or blog on LinkedIn, Pulse better avoid opening channels that would remain free of up-to-date content and could even be counterproductive to your image.

Never forget the analysis of your best data

All this must always be tested. To think that a visual content is synonymous with success with your eyes closed, without any reflection, means improvising. Use your planning work to understand what and when to publish to get the results that interest you. At the base of editorial choices there is always the attention of the content strategist on the analysis.

Editorial plan for LinkedIn: how to proceed?

In the article you read I try to indicate a series of fundamental steps to follow when you decide to be present on the social network for company’s per excellence. The important aspect to consider is always the same: the need to activate the useful channels. 

Adding new resources just to be there, without carefully evaluating the details, means working unnecessarily with the contents. And the creation of a publishing plan also serves this: understanding how and why to publish. Do you agree with my point of view? It works?

Wanda Mooree run’s professional SEO authority services firm in Texas. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young Texas SEO’s and top agencies. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with


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