5 Tips for Buying a Tankless Water Heater

5 Tips for Buying a Tankless Water Heater

Winters are around the corner, and it’s time that you repair or replace your water heater. If you are planning on buying a new tankless water heater instead of the conventional heaters that consist of an insulated tank, then you have made the right choice. The endless benefits of tankless water heaters make them the ideal choice for everyone looking for an energy efficient alternative to regular water heaters.

Buying a tankless heater can help you save a lot of money as the electric bills are reduced up to 24-34 percent.  Along with saving on the bills, the tankless water heaters also ensure the endless supply of hot water, so you do not have to worry about running out of hot water on a chilly winter morning.

When you step out in the market for buying tankless water heaters, you have a wide range to choose from, and the decision can get complicated. But if you have the right guidelines you can get the product you are looking for. Here we present you some of the most beneficial tips for buying a tankless water heater and that within the appropriate price range.

1.   Don’t wait until the end

If you are a procrastinator who always delays work, then you might want to change that habit of yours as waiting for your old water heater to can cost you serious harms. Instead of using a faulty water heater and taking cold showers, you can replace it with a tankless water heater, but you should take the decision as soon as the old heater stops working and there is no fixing possible. If you leave it until the end, then you would have less time to buy a new one, and you might end up buying something that is not suitable for your house.  

Also, installing a tankless water heater requires a decent amount of time, and in some cases, the entire gas line has to be upgraded followed by changes in electric and venting services. Therefore, it is always better to buy and install the heater beforehand.

2.   Make sure you know the size you need

When it comes to buying a water heater, there are a lot of factors that need consideration, especially the size of the water heater. Unlike the conventional water heater where water is stored in gallons, tankless water heaters are rated based on how many gallons of water they can heat up in a minute, also called a Gallon Per Minute (GMP).

To buy the right, you need to take account of the water usage in your home. For instance, if you have a big family that uses water for showering, dishwashing and in tons of other household chores then you should buy a water heater with larger GPM. But if you live alone or have a small family then you can look for other more minor options.

3.   Find the best suitable option

As mentioned earlier, tankless water heaters come in some shapes, sizes and price ranges. You should have a bright idea of what you are looking for and where you need the water heater.  If you want hot water supply to a specific sink or bathroom, then you can go for a point-of-use water heater. But if you’re going to replace your storage water heater then buy a whole-house tankless water heater. Try to buy a water heater that is functional yet budget-friendly.

4.   Where to place the water heater?

The placement of the water heater can determine a lot about the hot water supply. Tankless water heaters do not heat up the water right when turning the switch on. So the best way to get hot water instantly is to fix the heater close to the shower, tap or whichever place you need the most. Or else it will take much more time to replace the cold water with fixture and replace it with hot water.

5.   Let a professional do the work

Once you make your mind about everything including the size of the water heater to the place you want to install it, as for a professional consult before buying anything. Let the expert calculate the GPM for you as you do not want to mess that up. Also, the installation involves a lot of electrical and technical work; therefore, it is highly recommended that you let a professional install the water heater rather than trying anything yourself.


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