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5 Tips for Creating the Best Gift Baskets

5 Tips for Creating the Best Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an excellent present for loved ones, like your family, children, or best friend, and they can look great if they are done correctly. With so many gift items to put in your basket, most people may not know how to choose or create the best basket to give out as a gift. Here are five tips that can help you pick the right gift basket for your best friend.

You must start somewhere

With so many gift shops in the market selling gift baskets, choosing the right one for your friend can be quite a hassle. It is important for you to have an idea of what your friend will love. You should pick a theme or foundation item that will assist you in identifying other items that you will require. For example, you can start with a bottle of wine and add up other items like cookies, dark chocolate, mugs, and many more.

Personalize the gift

When you personalize your gift basket, it will be more appreciated by your best friend. It is best to take time to learn more about your friend’s interests and passions so that you can choose gift items that are in line with these. You can even spend time with them to determine what they would really like to have and use this as a foundation to build up a personal gift for them. You can get great ideas and presents from most online gift shops.

Be creative

When buying best friend birthday gifts, it is crucial for you to be creative and think outside the box. There are a variety of containers that gift stores offer as the base for the gift basket. It is best that you choose something unique rather than the traditional basket. You can opt for gift basket options such as Champagne buckets, mixing bowls, plastic totes, beverage tubs, and many more. The most important factor should be the size and sturdiness of the container.

Size does matter

You should go for gifts of varying sizes when choosing your gift basket. This is important because it will bring a sense of uniqueness and variety. You will require various sizes of gifts to fill your basket and create a unique balance and texture in the finished basket. You can also add a sense of uniqueness by including small handmade pieces such as a bottle stopper, a set of wine glass charms or cork craft.

Go for a full basket

The last thing you want is a gift basket that looks sad and empty. You do not have to spend a lot of money to fill up the basket. If you have a basket that seems fairly deep, you can rise it up using foam, towel, or crumpled paper as a riser. You can request the gift shop to help you fill up the basket with supporting items because they will help you make the basket look full and amazing.

When choosing a gift basket for your best friend, make sure that it is well contained and appealing. You do not want the gift items to keep shifting when they are being shipped. You must ensure that the gift basket has cellophane wrapped around and secured at the top. You can ask the retailer about securing the gift to ensure that your best friend gets the best present for her birthday.



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