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5 Tips for Maintaining Clear Skin During the Summer

5 Tips for Maintaining Clear Skin During the Summer

Ahh, it’s finally summer! Time to lay out on the beach, jump in the pool, and take that well-deserved vacation you’ve been waiting all year for. Then, the unspeakable happens. You start breaking out. Many people experience acne flare-ups during the hot summer months. But, what exactly is the cause? While many point fingers at excess sweating as the root of imperfections, that’s not always the case. Breaking out is usually the result of your skin getting aggravated from excess wiping or touching, which leads to an increase in oil production that clogs your pores. Head into the warm weather with confidence with these 5 tips for maintaining clear skin during the summertime.

Skin Care Products

No matter who you are, your age, or your gender, you’ve probably experienced acne at some point in your life. As you may already know, skin care products are the front line of defense to maintaining porcelain-like skin. To achieve beautiful, smooth skin this summer, invest in a skin care product that works for you. Some people may have extremely sensitive skin, while others are able to handle some of the stronger chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. 

Aside from facial creams, cleansers, and scrubs, you can also talk to your doctor about alternative methods. Consider acne vitamins for clear skin that work together with minerals and probiotics that support the natural shedding of skin cells. Or, try using an acne brush that serves as a gentle exfoliator and removes dirt, sweat, and debris clogging your pores.

Proper Nutrition

You are what you eat. So if your diet consists of processed foods containing high counts of saturated fat, sugar, and sodium, you could be turning your face into a breeding ground for acne. Sugar can lead to increased hormonal acne and inflammation, a reason why you may find pimples forming the day after a night out consuming sugary drinks. Here are two common nutritional groups that have relations to acne outbreaks with alternatives:

  • Dairy:Because dairy consists of hormones that are meant to nourish baby cows, milk and similar products are unfamiliar to the human body. The introduction of these foreign hormones may increase the production of acne-causing hormones, leading to breakouts.

Alternatives:Try almond milk, oat milk, flax milk, soymilk, coconut milk— you name it, there are endless options!

  • Sugar:As previously mentioned, added sugar is also a potential cause of acne. Refined or processed sugar in your bloodstream spikes insulin levels, which causes inflammation that may lead to breakouts. 

Alternatives:Consume naturally occurring sugars from dried fruits, fresh fruits, dates, maple syrup, coconut sweeteners, or agave to satisfy your sweet tooth! These natural sugars are healthy and do not have the same effect as added sugars.


When your skin is dehydrated, it produces excess oil to make up for the lack of water. As we know, oil clogs pores, resulting in acne. Oil can mix with dead skin cells and get stuck, causing the skin to naturally close over the top, trapping it inside, resulting in a pimple. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, but is the last one to receive nutrients and water. So, staying hydrated is an essential task you must take upon yourself all year, not just in the summer, to clear up your skin. Staying regularly hydrated will also help you maintain a youthful appearance! So, buy a durable water bottle that’s not only good for you but the environment as well!


Summer means the sun is shining longer throughout the day. While our seasonal depression is over, our skin isn’t too happy. UV rays from the sun cause your skin to inflame and can result in dark spots and blemishes. Not only that, harmful UV rays cause skin cancer as well. This is why applying sunscreen every time you plan on staying outside for a long time is crucial. And, if you’re using skin treatments such as medicine or creams, you could be more prone to skin cancer. However, many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that can cause acne. When searching for protective sunscreens, opt for ones that use natural ingredients, especially sunscreen that is designed specifically for your face.

Use Clean Products

If you want your skin to be clean, you need to use clean products. To avoid getting irritated or dry skin, stock your wardrobe with lighter, breathable fabrics that don’t retain moisture. Looser clothes will also allow your skin to breathe and refraining from wearing hats won’t trap sweat in pores on your forehead. You may not have thought of this either, but your towels and beach towels can be causing acne as well. Rubbing acne-prone areas can irritate skin follicles, increasing inflammation, and, you guessed it, acne. 

Finally, keep your makeup brushes clean. These brushes collect your dead skin cells, dirt, makeup, and other products as you get ready in the morning. Regularly swap these out for new ones to ensure clear skin this summer!

Maintaining clear skin during the summertime doesn’t have to be a chore. A few lifestyle changes such as cleaning up your diet, drinking fluids, and using the right skin care products will give you the radiant skin you crave, meaning you’ll have confidence to enjoy all of your summer activities.

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