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5 Tips on How to Find the Right Dentist

5 Tips on How to Find the Right Dentist

Oral health is important. Did you know that poor oral health is linked to several health risks, such as cardiovascular disease? Therefore, it matters to find the right dentist who will be your partner in ensuring that your mouth, gums and teeth remain healthy. But how do you find the right dentist?

Finding the right dentist for your needs

It is surprising to know that there are still many adults who do not like visiting a dentist. Some give some plausible excuses such as being too busy to fit a dental appointment into their schedule. Some say they cannot afford the dental fees. However, many people are afraid of dentists because they had a traumatic experience with a dentist during childhood.  

One of the mains things that causes us to feel frightened is a lack of trust and knowledge about what dentists can do to help them. Some practices, such as, offer plenty of information on their website for you to check out prior to your visit. While it may be difficult at first, even a quick read can help to normalise the experience and set your mind at ease.

Here are some factors that can help to find the right dentist.

1. Ask for referrals

Ask your family and friends for recommendations. Use your list to find out more about the dentists. After making a shortlist of candidates, call each one and request an appointment so you can meet and talk with the dentist.

2. Check their credentials

It is vital to know if the dentist is allowed to practice. Find out if the dentist is registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). Moreover, check if the practice is registered with the Care Quality Commission. You can also check the credentials of prospective dentists in your list by visiting the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Services website. You should know if the dentist has the required training, skills and experience. You should likewise check if the dentist has received disciplinary actions or had malpractice claims.

3. Review their experience

Training and experience are important, particularly when it comes to handling problematic oral health conditions. Choose a dentist that has more experience and specialisation, because they matter during emergencies. If you have a specific condition, ask the dentist how many patients they have treated with a similar condition. It is essential to know how they handle patients with dental anxiety, how many specific procedures they have performed and the results.

4. Stick Close to Home

If you are prone to pre-dentist jitters, then a lengthy car journey is probably the worst thing you can do for your nerves. The closer you are, the less time you have to let anxiety take over. 

What’s more, if you pick a dental practice far from home, then you will probably be far more likely to skip your regular appointments, and to disregard those friendly reminders. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to let other priorities supersede the necessity for regular check-ups.

5. Review your dental insurance.

You should know if your dental insurance will cover the types of dental services you require. You want to avoid out-of-pocket expenses for some services that are not included in your plan. Check if you can find a dentist who participates in your dental plan. However, do not forget to check their experience, training, credentials, and service quality.

When looking for a dentist, consider the person’s professional credentials and experience. Also, the dentist should be qualified to treat your specific dental issue.



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