5 Tips to Boost Li-Ion Battery Performance and Safety

5 Tips to Boost Li-Ion Battery Performance and Safety

Lithium ion batteries are popular rechargeable batteries to different electrical appliances and gadgets. This device contains chemical energy converted to electricity as a potential source of power. Usually, the Li-Ion battery uses intercalated lithium compounds that allow the movement of the electrode materials from the negative electrode to positive electrode. The electrode movement occurs whenever the batteries are discharged or charged.

In some periods, the batteries’ life span deteriorates overtime. This is commonly true since these batteries are rechargeable and expose to electricity from time to time. Sometimes, the battery can bloat up whenever these devices are left overcharged. As an effect, it will damage the battery and it might cause a malfunction or leakage.

In order to prevent this scenario, we should learn how to value our devices and know the basic trouble shooting procedures. What could be the possible ways to boost the performance of Li-Ion batteries?

Avoid overcharging and Estimate a Desirable Time

 As we all know, laptops and smart phones are made with rechargeable batteries and we usually use our gadgets for about 8 to 20 hours a day. In most cases, we do not unplug the charger so that we can work, play, or surf using our gadgets without any interruptions. However, this is might lead to potential risks to our gadgets especially as to their circuits, board, connectors, and batteries.

To prevent overcharging issues, make sure to set a desirable time for your gadgets. Let’s say for smart phones and laptops, you should avoid charging them up to 100%. As much as possible, make it around 90% to 99% only in order to avoid deep charging. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the gadgets charging time. For instance, you may charge smart phones and laptops for about 2 to 4 hours depending on the brand, quality, capacity, and volts. In this way, you can able to extend the useful life of your device and battery.

Keep the Batteries at Room Temperature 

Always put your devices at a room temperature so that it will not cause the gadget to heat up. For instance, if you let your iPhone at a warm area, either it will display a temperature warning or it might shut down. This is also applicable if you overcharge your gadgets. It will cause overheat to the board, circuits and batteries thus; it may damage your gadget. A room temperature is not necessarily a cool and air-conditioned room. As much as possible, the area should be distant from any heat-related issues for safety purposes.

As a standard, you may also use this reference to know the estimated recoverable capacity for your gadgets when stored at a room temperature. For 24°C below, you may charge it around 98%. If the temperature rises at 25 °C to 39 °C, the standard charging capacity should be at 96%. If the temperature rises within the range of 40 °C to 59 °C, the appropriate charging capacity should be at 85%. Beyond 60 °C temperature, your device should be charged at around 75% only.

 Assess Your Batteries’ Voltages

Check the manual of your gadget to know the voltage, capacity, and circuits. In this way, you can able to assess the voltage capacity of your device and apply the proper charging method. If your phone has a 2.5 to 4-volt capacity, do not charge it to high voltage outlets.

Once the electric current flows to your device, it may cause an explosion, leakage, or damage to your gadget. If this is inevitable, you may ask for a repair service. You may also check out Scondar connectors, circuits, cables, and wire series to know the feature of different cords. It will give you an idea what to purchase in case you need to replace damaged circuits in your gadget. Buying the needed electrical supplies will reduce the repair costs of your gadget.

Conduct a Proper Charging Method

It is advisable to apply a ±1% voltage restriction to the battery until it becomes fully charged to 99% then unplug. Make sure to follow the temperature charging capacity to be guided by the proper charging method. In this way, you will be able to avoid short circuits that may result to battery overheat.

Furthermore, charge your gadget to a cool area. This will be a precaution approach to prevent your gadget from overheating even if it reaches 100%. Immediately unplug your gadget once it is fully charged.

Buy a Reliable Battery Charger

Battery chargers are also important in boosting the performance of the battery. The charger’s termination method and float voltage are significant factors in choosing the best candidate charger for your gadget. It is advisable to use chargers with adjustable float voltages so that it will be flexible with the electricity. Also, the lower the float voltage means the longer the battery life. In addition, choose a reliable quality and brand for the chargers to avoid any occurrences that may lead to an explosion, fire, or physical damage.


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