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5 Tips to buy gold bracelets for girls

5 Tips to buy gold bracelets for girls

Gold bracelets are bold yet classic. The simplicity of these bracelets can make any ensemble look even more attractive. Modern day gold bracelets come with sophisticated designs and if any woman wants to combine trend with class, she should definitely make a move for these.

  • Verify additional weight charges: If the gold bracelet is stone-studded, chances are high that the semi-precious and precious gems will increase the total cost of the bracelet by adding to the gross mass. Always compare the weight of the product with other sellers before you purchase it.
  • Get a measurement of the wrist size: The pro tip is to buy a size that is half or three-fourth inches larger than the size of your wrist. This way, it will stay midway of your wrist and not slip too often. To avoid hassles get a measurement of your wrist beforehand. You can also look out for adjustable settings in your bracelet. Many gold bracelet design for girls come with resizable options such as chain extenders and snap button. Keep in mind not to include the clasp while measuring a bracelet against your wrist to check the size.  
  • Decide on the type of bracelet: It is always better to do some research on the type of bracelet you prefer rather than spending hours at the shops getting confused. While bangles are the most popular option and fit every wrist type, cuff and chain bracelets are now more popular with young girls. The cuff link gold bracelets are semi-firm and are quite flexible. Chain link bracelets are more of a classic item and are perfect for someone who prefers timelessness over trend. You can check out the bracelets section of jewelry designs catalogue with prices
  • to have a better perspective on bracelet types.
  • Determine the purity of gold used: The purity of gold is measured in carats. Generally, gold 22, 18 or 14 carats of gold are used while manufacturing bracelets. Your bracelet should have a hallmark by authentic agencies for a guarantee of purity.   
  • Find a reputable jewellery seller: It is always advisable to buy gold bracelets from a reliable dealer to get the best quality. Choose a seller who can provide proof of their credentials and certification. A reputable jeweller will offer a definite warranty period and return policy. If the bracelet is particularly expensive or has a higher carat of gold, it is prudent to make sure that it will be replaced in case any damage occurs.Also, shop at a jeweller that offers a wider variety of designs, including personalised ones and allows resizing.

While purchasing gold bangles, there is actually a lot of thinking, researching and comparison to be done before you can finally settle on one of your choices. Gold bracelets come in a variety of styles according to the occasion they are to be worn for. With this guide in hand, you are sure to ace the art of buying a gold bracelet for yourself or for the women in your life.


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