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5 Tips to Find Fashionable Clothes When Shopping Online

5 Tips to Find Fashionable Clothes When Shopping Online

Shopping online has truly set the stage for the modern retail market, and consumers as well. It is now easier than ever to shop for clothes while avoiding lines, congested stores, and long drives home. Unfortunately, clothes shopping online can present its own frustrations. How do you start? What stores can you trust? What do you do if an item is out of stock? The expansive amount of options you have online may leave you feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. Fret not-by following these five tips, we can have you shopping from the comfort of your home with confidence and security. 

1. Check The Product Reviews!

One thing that may hold you back in online shopping is the uncertainty of whether or not you’re receiving a quality product. Customer reviews of products are great for this reason because they give an unfiltered, objective review of the item you’re interested in. You can usually scroll down below the product description to find buyer comments, and typically they will have a rating system available. Take care to read past the first ten comments as well! Sometimes the first page of comments will be overwhelmingly positive, so be sure to do some digging. If you’re still unsure about your purchase, you can usually find a great product review on someone’s blog, Youtube or any other streaming service to give you a better perspective. 

2. Be Aware of Your EXACT Measurements.

One way that the online experience differs from an in-store environment is the inability to try things on. This is why in online shopping, it’s incredibly important to know your measurements. If you’re familiar with shopping at brick-and-mortar retail, then you know that what is defined as a Large in one establishment can be vastly different in another store down the street. Most online shops have sizing charts for their clothing so that you can get a more accurate reading of the item size. The three basic measurement areas are the hips, the waist, and the bust, but sometimes you may need to measure the length of your arms or legs. Make sure you are reading the sizing charts at length-some of them use different units of measurement. For example, when ordering from American retail stores the standard measurement is usually by Inch. With some Chinese Wholesale stores, the measurements for clothing are in Centimeters, so be sure to double check this. You can easily convert Centimeters to Inches using a basic Google search, just make sure you are reading things in full! 

3. Research Different Clothing Styles or Patterns

The only thing that really proves to be more convenient with the in-store experience is the ease of just finding an item and buying it. You don’t have to know what style or brand you’re looking for, you can just go in and pick something. This may not seem possible online, but thanks to the efforts of online retail stores, you can easily gain the knowledge necessary to look up specific styles or garments. Most of the time when you are buying online, the product title will give you the name of the clothing style and the pattern used. This is essential in online shopping because you can use these product titles to do online searches for other stores. The more descriptive you are with the clothing you want, the better. For example, if you go into Google and search “Maxi Gingham and heels Dress,” you are more likely to find the desired result than if you were to just say “dress and heels.” If you see a product you like, take note of the descriptors used in the title, and try searching them! This is a great way to refine your personal style and build your closet. 

4. Compare The Prices of Different Stores.

Shopping online is the best way to get a good deal on your items because you are not just limited to the price of one retail store. There are numerous online stores that will sell similar or exact products that you are looking at, sometimes it will even be the exact brand. This is because online retail stores get exclusive prices on items from brand names when they shop wholesale. You also have the added benefit of stores like DePop, SnapSell or Carousell, which are peer-to-peer shopping apps that allow you to buy gently used apparel from other individuals at a discounted price. This is one way that online shopping gives you an advantage because you can get a side-by-side price comparison without doing the legwork involved in contacting or going into every individual store. 

5. ALWAYS Read Your Return Policy!

This is a given whether you are shopping in-store or online. Unlike the procedures you may find in a physical store, online shops will show you the return policy before you get to the checkout area. It is always your responsibility to read and understand the refund policy of any store, and this still rings true when it comes to the online experience. Some stores will offer you a full return, some may only do cash credit, or some items may be on sale and therefore, all sales will be final. You will usually find a return slip and a packing sticker when your purchase arrives at your home. In some cases, returning the item is fine but you have to pay to ship it back. 

Clothes shopping can make all of us feel incredibly vulnerable and on the spot at times. What should be an empowering experience that inspires confidence in a person sometimes entails so much red tape that it can be difficult to truly enjoy it. That’s why online shopping has become a preferred method for everyday consumers. You can shop, try on items, and even make returns without the added pressure of being in a retail environment. By following these guidelines when trying out a new online store, you can surely secure an impressive wardrobe and have a great shopping experience!


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