5 Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It makes such a difference to how your day goes when you wake up from a good night’s sleep. The problem for many of us is that we don’t manage to arise in the morning feeling revived and properly rested.

A regular culprit that is at the heart of our sleeping problems is when the mattresses that many of us settle for just don’t provide the level of comfort and support needed to get a good night’s sleep.

There are other reasons too. Here are some useful tips on how to wake up every morning feeling like you have had a really good sleep.

You need a regular nighttime routine

One of the fundamental keys to enjoying quality sleep is to create a sleep schedule that you stick to as religiously as possible.

Once your body starts to know when it’s time for bed each night it will prepare by adopting a regular sleep-wake cycle that allows you to get the rest you need each night.

Ideally, the amount of sleep you get each night should be at least six hours and no more than eight hours in bed. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is going to help your body get into a routine that will encourage quality sleeping time each night.

Make sure your mattress is fit for purpose

Spending the right amount of time in bed won’t be that conducive to restful sleep if you don’t have a good mattress.

If your mattress doesn’t provide the right support for your body it is going to be hard to get comfortable and wake up refreshed.

Shop around and choose a mattress that is designed for your body shape and preferences. It could make all the difference.

Give your body a break before it’s time for bed

It is advisable to avoid large meals for at least a couple of hours before you go to bed. Ideally, you should avoid food, alcohol, and nicotine, a good few hours before you retire for the night.

This gap allows your body to digest your food properly and prepare for sleep without stimulants racing coursing through your veins, which is unlikely to help you relax properly.

Create the right sleep conditions

Your bedroom needs to be an oasis of tranquility in order to achieve a good night’s sleep. It also needs to be nice and cool with a minimal amount of light.

Exposure to light makes it harder to fall into a restful sleep pattern. Leave your devices downstairs and maybe take a bath to wind down before bed.

Avoid napping in the daytime

It can be tempting to grab a quick nap when you might be feeling a bit tired in the middle of the afternoon. However, if you sleep for too long it can have a disruptive influence on your nighttime sleep pattern.

If you want to take a so-called power nap, it should really be no more than twenty minutes. You should also try to avoid napping after about 4 PM as sleeping so close to your bedtime schedule is not going to help you get the restful and relaxing sleep you want at night.

If you can follow these simple but effective tips it could make all the difference to getting a good night’s sleep.


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