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5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Home

5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Home

While buying a new home and relocating is often thrilling, improving home security can be tedious. Recently purchased homes are very attractive to burglars because new homeowners are tempted into moving in some of their belongings prior to occupying a new house forever. In the moving process, they can easily get overwhelmed and don’t take good care of their valuables. Security measures are also important for “old” homeowners.

Here are a few home security tips that can deter thieves and reduce your risk of getting robbed.

1. Install a Home Automation System

Today’s home security systems go above and beyond just securing the valuables and people. They come with a variety of interactive features, including contact sensors, cell dialers, cameras, and smart appliances. All of these things can add both convenience and safety to your home. The modern security systems can be controlled by smartphones and connected to smart home hubs.

2. Assess the Security and Condition and of External Doors

Remember that your doors can be the entry points for burglars. That’s why you should pay particular attention to door security.

  • Make sure your doors shut and open smoothly.
  • Check if your exterior doors have appropriate deadbolts and gaskets.
  • Go for doors that are made of sturdy materials.
  • Make sure the screws reach framing timbers.
  • Use locks that can take a serious beating. It is a good idea to rekey the locks of your front doors.
  • Implement a key control system that prevents unauthorized persons from copying your key.

3.  Use Security Cameras to Monitor Your Home

While money and gun safes (check the gun forest options) can do a great job of protecting your valuables, cameras will add an extra “layer” of security. Not only do security cameras can help capture thieves and burglars, but they also deter thefts from making any damage. They allow you to monitor your house from a cell phone at all times. Camera systems will give you greater peace of mind when going on vacation or leave your home for a while.

4. Take Advantage of Smart Lighting

 A well-lit yard or porch can discourage burglars from snooping around and breaking into private property. On the other hand, interior lights can make your house look occupied and prevent potential thieves. Use smart lighting for the best results. It enables you to control the lights in real-time, set a timer, and cut your electricity bill.

5. Create Smart Landscaping

Some yard and landscaping features make houses attractive targets for thieves. For example, tall shrubbery under windows can provide burglars with a good spot to hide when scoping out a backyard. This is why you should prefer plants with thorns and trim your bushes regularly. Eliminate all the “blind” spots around your home, as they can make a theft go unnoticed. Keep the shrubs low to make your property more visible and ward off robbery attempts.

Hopefully, these tips will help you address your security concerns. When used combined, they can dramatically improve home security. Eventually, you will feel more comfortable and safe in your home.


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